Papers from ICTCM-20 arranged by title

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abstractpaper.pdf A Java Simulator for Voting Methods20C027
 Richard Klima
abstractpaper.pdf A Model for Computer-based Assessment and Remediation: Intermediate Algebra Through Calculus20S039
 Marsha Davis, Salvatrice F. Keating, Christian Yankov
abstractpaper.pdf A Peer-learning Approach to Conceptual Understanding with Iclicker20S113
 Lee R. Gibson
abstractpaper.pdf A Tale of Two Wikis: Upper-Level Mathematics Meets Web 2.020C009
 Robert Talbert
abstractpaper.pdf A Tutorial Applet for Simplex Method20C040
 Pablo Zafra, Henry Cleary
abstractpaper.pdf Active Learning in Mathematics via Tablet PCs, Web-Based Software, Podcasts, and Interactive Homework Systems20S057
 Marilyn Reba, Sherry Biggers
abstractpaper.pdf Biocalculus Computer Laboratory Projects: Excel and Maple20M008
 Timothy D. Comar
abstractpaper.pdf Bungee Jumping and Murder Investigations Using Maple and Oncourse in Differential Equations20S107
 Vesna Kilibarda
abstractpaper.pdf Choosing an On-line Homework Delivery System: Improving Pass Rates Through Technology20S047
 Nancy Leveille
abstractpaper.pdf Creating Basic Animations in Matlab20S022
 Katrina Palmer
abstractpaper.pdf Creating Course Material in the Form of On-screen Documents and Videos20S097
 Jonathan Lewin
abstractpaper.pdf Data That Clicks Produces Concepts That Stick20S089
 Janet M. Winter
abstractpaper.pdf Developing Mathematica Notebooks That Are Easy for Students to Use20S060
 Nora Strasser
abstractpaper.pdf Discrete Mathematics Teaching Modules20S040
 Margaret B. Wirth
abstractpaper.pdf Discussion Activities in an Online Abstract Algebra Course20S101
 Vicky Williams Klima
abstractpaper.pdf Dynamic Calculus Tools for Visualizing Calculus20S100
 Paul Seeburger
abstractpaper.pdf Dynamic Interactive Excel Templates for the Math Classroom20M002
 Mariano (Rod) Rodrigues
abstractpaper.pdf Examination of Data on Global Warming Using Graphing Calculators20S021
 Jim Roberts
abstractpaper.pdf Exploring Limits with Maple20C014
 Reza O. Abbasian, John T. Sieben
abstractpaper.pdf Exploring Numerical Relationships Through Interactive Numbered Squares of Differing Sizes20S044
 Hui Fang Huang 'Angie' Su, Carol A. Marinas, Chakib Chraibi
abstractpaper.pdf Exploring Polar Coordinates with Geometer's Sketchpad20S075
 Barbara K. D'Ambrosia, Carl R. Spitznagel
abstractpaper.pdf From Web 2.0 to Teacher 2.020S071
 David A. Thomas
abstractpaper.pdf 'Funny Face Contest': A Formative Assessment on Transformation of Functions20S090
 Yong S. Colen
abstractpaper.pdf Goldbach's 'Other' Conjecture - An Example of How Spreadsheets Can Be Used in Number Theory20C033
 Pat Rossi
abstractpaper.pdf Interactive Learning Objects for Future Teachers20C039
 Erick Hofacker, Kathryn Ernie
abstractpaper.pdf Let's Visualize the Differentiation of the Trigonometry Through the Mathematical Activity Using a CBL20S036
 Shin Watanabe
abstractpaper.pdf Linear Programming via Excel20C021
 J Villanueva
abstractpaper.pdf Making Algebra Meaningful with Technology20S026
 Stephen Arnold
abstractpaper.pdf Maplets for Calculus: Improving Student Skills and Understanding in Calculus20M010
 Douglas B. Meade, Philip B. Yasskin
abstractpaper.pdf Maplets for Multivariable Calculus20S117
 Jose D. Flores
abstractpaper.pdf Mathematical Laboratory Experience: Value Added, Not Just an Add-on20C029
 Joel P. Lehmann
abstractpaper.pdf Matlab in Calculus I, Why Not?20S108
 Mili Shah
abstractpaper.pdf Multivariable Calculus Virtual Office Hours in a Metaverse20C015
 Przemyslaw Bogacki
abstractpaper.pdf On the Preparation of Secondary Mathematics Teachers on the Proper Integration of Technology20S087
 Antonio R. Quesada, Rhonda S. Renker
abstractpaper.pdf Open Source Resources for Teaching and Research in Mathematics20S062
 Russell Herman, Gabriel Lugo
abstractpaper.pdf Podcasting Rich Problems with TI-Nspire CAS20W015
 Michael Todd Edwards, Asli Ozgun-Koca, Michael Meagher
abstractpaper.pdf Radioactive Decay: Data Collection and Analysis of a Real Poisson Process20S102
 Allan Struthers
abstractpaper.pdf Real Analysis Online: A Community of Learners and the Concept of Proof20R013
 Markus Pomper
abstractpaper.pdf Real-Life Projects for Student Assessment in General Education Mathematics20S059
 Joseph Sukta
abstractpaper.pdf Seeing is Believing - Visualizing Calculus20S076
 Adam O. Hausknecht, Robert E. Kowalczyk
abstractpaper.pdf Sharing Concept Maps: Using CMapTools and s Course Blog as Pedagogical Organization Tools20S112
 Amy F. Kelley, Julia K. Padden Metzker
abstractpaper.pdf Spreadsheets Make EXCELlent Tools for Exploring Mathematics: Option Buttons20M007
 Sarah L. Mabrouk
abstractpaper.pdf Steal This Applet!20M005
 Douglas Ensley, Barbara Kaskosz
abstractpaper.pdf Taking the Plunge, One Foot at a Time20C028
 Christine Heinecke Lehmann
abstractpaper.pdf Teaching and Learning College Algebra with the TI-Navigator Wireless Handheld Network20W017
 Robert Powers, Joe Chapman
abstractpaper.pdf Teaching Statistical Thinking Using Spreadsheets20C020
 Alexander Vaninsky
abstractpaper.pdf Teaching Technical Mathematics with Calculus Using CAS Calculator Support20S045
 Ben Rushing, Jr.
 paper.pdf Tech Support: Learning to Teach with Technology20A094
 Carmen Fies
abstractpaper.pdf Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Statistics20S118
 Lawrence M. Lesser, Randall Groth
 paper.pdf The Battle of Trafalgar: An Example of Modeling with Technology20S085
 William P. Fox
abstractpaper.pdf The Next Generation of Handhelds - From Graphing Calculator to Microworld Maker20S025
 Thomas P. Dick
abstractpaper.pdf Three Courses Designed to Prepare Secondary Mathematics Teachers to Use Technology in the Classroom20S127
 Tim Flood
abstractpaper.pdf TI-Nspire CAS - Making Microworlds20W002
 Thomas P. Dick, Lewis Lum
abstractpaper.pdf Underdamped Motion Revisited: Three Maple Projects for Differential Equations20C017
 Joseph Fadyn
abstractpaper.pdf Using Clickers to Hear 'Silent' Students While Promoting Active Learning20C001
 Alvina J. Atkinson
abstractpaper.pdf Using Clickers: Experiences in Introductory Statistics Courses20R006
 Teri J. Murphy
abstractpaper.pdf Using GeoGebra to Create Applets for Visualization and Exploration20M013
 Mike May
abstractpaper.pdf Using Maple in Advanced Calculus and Modern Algebra20S069
 William C. Bauldry
abstractpaper.pdf Using Mathematica to Solve the Lights Out Game20S077
 David Nawrocki
abstractpaper.pdf Using Numerical Approximations and Modeling to Create a Graphing Calculator in Flash20S006
 Paul Bouthellier
abstractpaper.pdf Various Ideas to Integrate Mathematics, Science and Technology in the Classroom20S094
 Carmen Fies, Kathleen Mittag
abstractpaper.pdf WebALT Online Courses and the JEM Thematic Network20S095
 Olga Caprotti, Mika Seppälä, Matti Pauna
abstractpaper.pdf WVEB Mathematics: A Successful Web Enhanced Project Offering College Level Courses to High School Students20R003
 Laura J. Pyzdrowski, Michael Mays, Melanie Butler, Vennessa L. Walker, Anthony S. Pyzdrowski