Papers from ICTCM-16 arranged by first author

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abstractpaper.pdf Reza O. Abbasian, John T. Sieben16S120
 Shortcomings and Misuses of Technology (Maple, TI Calculators) in Undergraduate Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf G. Donald Allen16S136
 Visual Algebra with Technology
abstract  Kevin L. Anderson16S110
 Teaching Abstract Algebra with GAP
abstractpaper.pdf Brigitta Aspetsberger, Klaus Aspetsberger16S024
 Making Mathematics More Attractive Using New Technology for Experiments in Cross-Curriculum Projects
abstractpaper.pdf Julie Belock16S092
 Gaming Simulations in Probability
abstractpaper.pdf Zaur Berkaliev16S104
 Can Technology Help Predict the Dynamics of Student Attitudes Toward Mathematics?
abstractpaper.pdf Przemyslaw Bogacki, Gordon Melrose16M002
 Interactive Modules for Differential and Integral Calculus of Functions of Many Variables
abstractpaper.html Paul Bouthellier16C017
 Creating Animated Text for Web Pages Using Difference Equations and JavaScript
abstractpaper.html Paul Bouthellier, Saeed Dubas16C018
 Modeling Geometric Objects Using Java
abstractpaper.pdf Andrew Brantlinger, Sergei Abramovich16S103
 From Pythagoras to Pick Using Technology: Excerpts from a Mathematics Teacher Education Course
abstractpaper.pdf Julie Clark, Trish Hammer16C019
 Interactive Web-Based Calculus Projects at Hollins University: Area of U.S. States and Roller Coasters
abstractpaper.pdf Julie Clark, Trish Hammer16P007
 Interactive Web-based Calculus Projects at Hollins University: Student Solutions
abstractpaper.pdf Timothy D. Comar16S006
 Geometry and Matrix Groups in Linear Algebra
abstractpaper.pdf John Cosgrave16S070
 Bill Clinton, Bertie Ahern, and Digital Signatures (a Maple Based Introduction to Public-Key Cryptography)
abstractpaper.pdf Winston Crawley, Doug Ensley16S029
 Teaching Mathematical Proof with Technology to First Year Students
abstractpaper.pdf Barbara K. D'Ambrosia, Carl R. Spitznagel16S075
 StudyCards on the TI-83 Plus
abstractpaper.pdf Alan Davies, Stephen Kane16S050
 MATLAB in the Engineering Curriculum
abstractpaper.pdf Marsha Davis, Hortencia Garcia16S133
 Precalculus: Concepts in Context
abstractpaper.pdf Mary Ellen Davis, Virginia W. Parks16S111
 A Lesson Plan for Teaching Teachers
abstractpaper.pdf Emmett C. Dennis16S056
 Enhancement Effect of MyMathLab and WebCT in a Math Class
abstractpaper.pdf John C.D. Diamantopoulos, Mark D. Buckles16M014
 Web Page Design with Word/Netscape
abstractpaper.pdf Hamide Dogan-Dunlap16C047
 Technology-Supported Inquiry-Based Learning In Collegiate Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Janice Epstein, Michael S. Pilant16S098
 Finite Math on the Web - Core Mathematics Delivered via the Web
abstractpaper.pdf Joseph Fadyn16S086
 Tank Time: Structured Maple Projects for Differential Equations
abstractpaper.pdf Patsy J. Fagan16W010
 An Interactive Approach to Algebra Using the TI-83+ Apps
abstractpaper.pdf Brian Felkel, Richard Klima, William C. Bauldry16M010
 Focused, Compressed Video Tutorials
abstractpaper.pdf William E. Fenton, Barbara E. Reynolds16S095
 College Geometry: A Computer Activity Approach using the Geometer's Sketchpad
abstractpaper.pdf Joel C. Fowler16S030
 Maple versus a Variable Mass Spring Equation
abstractpaper.pdf William P. Fox, William H. Richardson16S018
 Comparison of NLP Search Methods in Nonlinear Optimization Using MAPLE
 paper.pdf William P. Fox, Richard D. West16A001
 College Algebra Reform: Why Projects are Worth the Effort
abstractpaper.pdf William P. Fox, Richard D. West16S118
 Mathematical Modeling: Predicting the Size of the Terror Bird with Proportionality and Geometric Similarity
abstractpaper.pdf William P. Fox, Richard D. West16W011
 Modeling with Discrete Dynamical Systems
abstractpaper.html Alicia Giovinazzo16C006
 Teaching and Assessing Intermediate Algebra Students Online Using WebCTM
abstractpaper.pdf Harry Gretton, Neil Challis16S123
 TI-Interactive - Getting Involved
abstractpaper.pdf Harry Gretton, Neil Challis16C038
abstractpaper.pdf Bruno Guerrieri16S007
 Maple-based Algorithms for the Traveling Salesman Problem (Continuation)
abstractpaper.pdf Thomas R. Hagedorn16S134
 Improving Linear Algebra Instruction Using WebWork and the ATLAST Problems
abstractpaper.pdf Trish Hammer16P006
 Interactive Web-based Calculus Projects at Hollins University: Design of a Thrilling Roller Coaster
abstractpaper.pdf Gary Harris16S087
 A Web Course for In-service High School Mathematics Teachers
abstractpaper.pdf Ronald J. Harshbarger, Lisa S. Yocco16S021
 Risky Business: Connecting Mathematics and Business Concepts
abstractpaper.pdf Abigail Hoit, Allen Rogers16S099
 Using Palm-OS PDA's in Calculus I and II
abstractpaper.pdf John T. Holm16C009
 Potential Pitfalls for Students Using Online Math Utilities
abstract  Alan Horwitz16S055
 A Mathematica Music Synthesizer
abstractpaper.pdf Keith Howard, Lewis D. Ludwig16S067
 Hand-on Learning in Calculus via Maplets-based Projects
abstractpaper.pdf Curt Jones, Lisa A. Lister, John Polhill16S031
 Recruiting Students in Computer Science and Mathematics through High School Programming and Mathematics Contests
abstractpaper.pdf Thomas P. Kline16S100
 Using a Script, Programs, and Pictures with the Anscombe Data
abstractpaper.pdf Vlajko L. Kocic16C005
 Exploring Parabolic Mirrors with TI92 Plus/TI89
abstractpaper.pdf Robert E. Kowalczyk, Adam O. Hauskneth16S051
 A Modeling Extravaganza
abstractpaper.pdf Edmund A. Lamagna16S047
 Exploring Euclid's Algorithm for Fun and Profit
abstractpaper.pdf Edmund A. Lamagna, William C. Bauldry, J. Douglas Child, Wade Ellis16S009
 Computer Algebra in the Classroom: Promises, Perils, and Pedagogical Perspectives
abstractpaper.pdf David O. Lomen, Maria K. Robinson16S107
 Using ConcepTests in Single and Multivariable Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf Sarah L. Mabrouk16S042
 Website Considerations and Accessible Design
abstractpaper.html Carol A. Marinas16C020
 Going In Circles with Sketchpad
 paper.pdf Robert Mayes16S005
 Restructuring of Before Calculus Courses
abstractpaper.pdf Michael Mays16S061
 Java Applets for Trigonometry
abstractpaper.pdf Teresa McCullough16S135
 My Student Knows the Mathematics, But Has Never Used the Graphing Calculator
abstractpaper.pdf Kate McGivney, Doug Ensley16S015
 Using Maple to Develop Students' Intuition in Solving Discrete Mathematics Problems
abstractpaper.pdf Laura McSweeney16M006
 Using Excel to Create Interactive Statistics Worksheets
abstractpaper.pdf Beverly K. Michael16S028
 Using On-Line Tutoring Systems: Successes, Failures and Lessons Learned
abstractpaper.pdf John C. Miller16S122
 Workbook Emulation: The Scandalous State of Instructional Math Software
abstractpaper.pdf Timothy L. Miller16S022
 Using Mathematica to Visualize Partial Differential Equations
abstractpaper.pdf Diem M. Nguyen16S017
 Web-based Template for Creating Online Tests
abstractpaper.pdf Judy O'Neal16M016
 Using StudyCards Creator Software in Teaching Years 1 and 2 Collegiate Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Charles B. Pheatt, Jorge L. Ballester16S049
 Learning Mathematics Through Web-based Experiments
abstractpaper.pdf Nancy J. Priselac, Stephen M. Priselac16S063
 Dynamic Education for K-8 Pre-service Mathematics Teachers: Delivering Content Using Web-enhanced and ITV Modalities
abstractpaper.pdf Laura J. Pyzdrowski, Anthony S. Pyzdrowski16S010
 Constructing WebCT Quizzes for Use in College Algebra
abstractpaper.pdf Antonio R. Quesada16S016
 The Impact of Dynamic Geometry Software as a Didactical Tool
abstractpaper.pdf Julianne G. Rainbolt16A110
 Teaching Abstract Algebra with GAP
abstractpaper.pdf Ann Robertson16S091
 A Web-based (WebCT) Introductory Course in Differential and Integral Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf Tyge Rugenstein, Elizabeth Schott, Kerry Fields16C011
 The Wireless Network In the Mathematical Classroom: One Year Later
abstractpaper.pdf Nesan Sriskanda16C034
 Using Excel Spreadsheet to Understand the Limiting Value of a Sequence
abstractpaper.pdf Nora Strasser16S039
 Numerical Methods using Mathematica Notebooks and Web Applets
abstractpaper.pdf Allan Struthers, David Clark, Robert Edman, Amy Huff16S108
 Is Popcorn Normal?
abstractpaper.pdf Allan Struthers, Veronica Rozmiarek, David Slater16S094
 Circuits, Tanks, and Mathematical Models
abstractpaper.pdf Joseph Sukta16S101
 Liberal Arts Math for Survival: Internet and Classroom Formats
abstractpaper.pdf David A. Thomas16S130
 Mathematical Communication in a Web-supported Undergraduate Geometry Class
abstractpaper.pdf Somasundaram Velummylum16C042
 Maple does numerical approximations of area under curves. Are you ready with the current technology to generate some numbers in front of the engineering majors?
abstractpaper.pdf Josefino Villanueva16C037
 The Cubic and Quartic Equations in Intermediate Algebra Courses
abstractpaper.pdf Thomas G. Wangler16S131
 Slides, Tubes, Wedges, and Ramps on Derive
abstractpaper.pdf Jennifer Whitfield, Kathryn Bollinger16S073
 Applied Calculus on the Web - an Interactive Approach to Freshman Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf De Ting Wu16C029
 Mathcad's Program Function and Application in Teaching of Math
abstractpaper.pdf Vivian J. Zabrocki, Gwen Braun16M008
 SWiSH It - Creating Multimedia on the Web