Author names beginning with the letter K

Lucy Kabza

 paper.pdf Lucy Kabza, Randy Wills15S032
 Integrating the Cassiopeia into the Mathematics Curriculum

Stephen Kane

abstractpaper.pdf Alan Davies, Stephen Kane16S050
 MATLAB in the Engineering Curriculum

Devendra A. Kapadia

abstractpaper.pdf Devendra A. Kapadia19S024
 Exploring Differential Equations With Mathematica

Susitha Karunaratne

abstractpaper.pdf Harshini Fernando, Susitha Karunaratne24C024
 Teaching an Undergraduate Statistics Class with Technology

Barbara Kaskosz

abstractpaper.pdf Douglas Ensley, Barbara Kaskosz25S064
 Mobile Math Apps: Innovative Smartphone Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Douglas Ensley, Barbara Kaskosz20M005
 Steal This Applet!

A. Bathi Kasturiarachi

abstractpaper.pdf A. Bathi Kasturiarachi22C030
 Learning Labs for Linear Algebra
abstractpaper.pdf A. Bathi Kasturiarachi18C012
 Interactive Labs for Introductory Statistics Courses

Manmohan Kaur

 paper.pdf Manmohan Kaur28A021
 Maple Implementation of Certain Cryptographic Methods
abstractpaper.pdf Manmohan Kaur17S091
 Enhanced Learning and Assessment and Enhanced Learning of Calculus through Online Quizzes

Michael Kaye

abstractpaper.pdf Michael Kaye, Yun Liu, Thao-Nhi Luu, Petal Sumner25S059
 Proof-of-Concept of an Augmented Reality Application in Developmental Mathematics

Salvatrice F. Keating

abstractpaper.pdf Salvatrice F. Keating, Marsha Davis, Christian Yankov21S079
 Online Mathematics Assessment using Maple T.A. at Eastern Connecticut State University
abstractpaper.pdf Salvatrice F. Keating17C058
 Restructuring Calculus III To Integrate Maple Technology In The Teaching And Learning Process
abstractpaper.pdf Marsha Davis, Salvatrice F. Keating, Christian Yankov20S039
 A Model for Computer-based Assessment and Remediation: Intermediate Algebra Through Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf Salvatrice F. Keating, Marsha Davis18S123
 Calculus Readiness Assessment and Remediation Using Maple T.A.
abstractpaper.pdf Salvatrice F. Keating, Marsha Davis19S051
 Calculus Readiness Assessment And Remediation Using Maple T.A.
abstractpaper.pdf Salvatrice F. Keating, Marsha Davis, Kim Ward22S055
 Exploratory Online Assessments of Collegiate Developmental Mathematics and Secondary Level Algebra Comprehension: A Pilot Initiative

Manuel Keepler

 paper.pdf Andrew Hugine, Manuel Keepler01A178
 On the Use of Computer Technology to Teach Mathematics and Computer Science at a Small Black College

Elizabeth Keiffer

abstractpaper.pdf Linda Braddy, Mike Duggan, Anne Fine, Elizabeth Keiffer, Rebecca Lyle17S048
 How To Turn Math Duds Into Math Studs

Amy F. Kelley

abstractpaper.pdf Lila F. Roberts, Amy F. Kelley, Hugh A. Sanders19S043
 Integrating iPods And Podcasting Into Mathematics Instruction
abstractpaper.pdf Amy F. Kelley, Julia K. Padden Metzker20S112
 Sharing Concept Maps: Using CMapTools and s Course Blog as Pedagogical Organization Tools

Marian Kemp

abstractpaper.pdf Marian Kemp24S88A
 The Development Of Online Numeracy Modules for First Year Undergraduate Students at an Australian University

Thomas P. Kendall

abstractpaper.pdf John R. Bacon, Thomas P. Kendall, Thomas Mussmann, Robert Palais, Victor E. Trujillo, II, Frank Wattenberg25S048
 Climate Science: Why Mathematicians Should Be Interested

John W. Kenelly

 paper.pdf John W. Kenelly01A055
 Calculus, Technology, NSF and the Future

Phillip Kent

abstractpaper.pdf Margaret James, Phillip Kent, Phil Ramsden10P008
 TangentField: A tool for 'webbing' the learning of differential equations

Harvey B. Keynes

 paper.pdf Harvey B. Keynes, Andrea M. Olson15S182
 The Design of Silent Tutor Homework Hints - A Technological Teaching Assistant

Mehdi Khorami

abstractpaper.pdf Martina Bode, Mehdi Khorami, Daniel Visscher26S095
 On the Effectiveness of Calculus E-Books

Firooz Khosraviyani

abstractpaper.pdf Terutake Abe, Rohitha Goonatilake, Firooz Khosraviyani, Chihiro Oshima21C018
 What We Learned from Introducing Learning Software into a Classroom

Mark J. Kiemele

 paper.pdf Mark J. Kiemele01A186
 An Experiment to Evaluate a Calculus CAI Package

Rhonda W. Kilgo

 paper.pdf Rhonda W. Kilgo, Audria A. White26S097
 Virtual Versus Physical: Manipulatives in the Mathematics Classroom

Vesna Kilibarda

abstractpaper.pdf Vesna Kilibarda21R016
 Five-pointed Stars and Escher's Reptile Drawings through Course Management System with Sketchpad
abstractpaper.pdf Vesna Kilibarda20S107
 Bungee Jumping and Murder Investigations Using Maple and Oncourse in Differential Equations

Dovie Kimmins

abstractpaper.pdf Vatsala Krishnamani, Dovie Kimmins07C007
 Using Technology as a Tool in Abstract Algebra and Calculus Courses: The MTSU Experience
abstractpaper.pdf Dovie Kimmins08C089
 Technology in School Mathematics: A Course for Prospective Secondary Mathematics Teachers
 paper.pdf Mary B. Martin, Dovie L. Kimmins15M011
 Technology Tools for Displaying Mathematics and Graphics

Terry L. Kiser

abstractpaper.pdf Terry L. Kiser12P004
 Global Warming - Should We Worry?

Monika Kiss

 paper.pdf Monika Kiss28A022
 Learner-centered Math Technology

Barry Kissane

abstractpaper.pdf Barry Kissane, Andrew McConney24S96A
 An Australian Initiative to Improve Students' Engagement in Mathematics

Richard Klima

abstractpaper.pdf Richard Klima, Neil Sigmon17W007
 Some Elementary Cryptography Including RSA with The TI-92+ and Voyage 200
abstractpaper.pdf Richard Klima20C027
 A Java Simulator for Voting Methods
abstractpaper.pdf Richard Klima, Neil Sigmon18S054
 Elementary Coding Theory Including Hamming and Reed-Solomon Codes with Maple and Matlab
abstractpaper.pdf Brian Felkel, Richard Klima, William C. Bauldry16M010
 Focused, Compressed Video Tutorials
abstractpaper.pdf Rick Klima, Neil Sigmon25S014
 Using Maplets in Teaching Cryptology
 paper.pdf Rick Klima, Neil Sigmon26S124
 Enigma: An Analysis and Maplet Simulator
abstractpaper.pdf Rick Klima, Neil Sigmon24S094
 Using Graphs to Break Vigenere Ciphers

Vicky W. Klima

abstractpaper.pdf Vicky W. Klima25S133
 Improving Communications Skills Through Student-Produced Videos
abstractpaper.pdf Vicky Williams Klima20S101
 Discussion Activities in an Online Abstract Algebra Course

Thomas P. Kline

abstractpaper.pdf Thomas P. Kline16S100
 Using a Script, Programs, and Pictures with the Anscombe Data

Leonid Knizhnik

abstractpaper.pdf Tatyana Flesher, Leonid Knizhnik12C012
 Elements of Cyber College Geometry for Elementary School Teachers

Larry E. Knop

 paper.pdf Larry E. Knop01A190
 A Better (Differential Equations) Mousetrap

Vlajko L. Kocic

abstractpaper.pdf Vlajko L. Kocic17M002
 Exploring Multivariable Calculus with DPGraph
abstractpaper.pdf Vlajko L. Kocic16C005
 Exploring Parabolic Mirrors with TI92 Plus/TI89

Eunmee Koh

abstractpaper.pdf Eunmee Koh07C012
 Teaching Statistics to Students with Limited Language Skill Using MINITAB

David P. Kopcso

abstractpaper.pdf David P. Kopcso18R006
 Can Student Profiles Determine Their Success Under Different Teaching Methodologies?

Larry Kost

 paper.pdf James Burgmeier, Larry Kost01A118

Raimundo Kovac

abstractpaper.pdf Raimundo Kovac, Rebecca Sparks, Christopher Teixeira17S026
 Bringing Linear Programming to Life for Business Students - An Interactive Tool to Improve Learning
abstractpaper.pdf Raimundo Kovac, Rebecca Sparks, Christopher Teixeira19S083
 Baseball And Statistics: An Exploration Using Excel In A First-Semester Statistics Course

Robert E. Kowalczyk

abstractpaper.pdf Robert E. Kowalczyk, Adam O. Hausknecht21S021
 Animating Calculus Concepts and Proof
abstractpaper.pdf Robert E. Kowalczyk, Adam O. Hausknecht17S070
 Generating and Modeling Data From Real-World Experiments
 paper.pdf Robert E. Kowalczyk, Adam O. Hausknecht15S079
 Energize Your Math Classes with Mathematical Models
abstractpaper.pdf Adam O. Hausknecht, Robert E. Kowalczyk20S076
 Seeing is Believing - Visualizing Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf Robert E. Kowalczyk, Adam O. Hausknecht18S026
 Visualizations of Vectors, Vector-valued Functions, Vector Fileds, and Line Integrals
abstractpaper.pdf Robert E. Kowalczyk, Adam O. Hauskneth16S051
 A Modeling Extravaganza
abstractpaper.pdf Adam O. Hausknecht, Robert E. Kowalczyk19S009
 Exploring Calculus Using Innovative Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Robert E. Kowalczyk, Adam O. Hauskneth, Sara Dalton19S045
 Experiencing TI-Navigator In A Calculus Class

Kenneth Kramer

abstractpaper.pdf Kenneth Kramer10P009
 Using Mathematica in a Course on Number Theory

Robert Kreczner

abstractpaper.pdf Robert Kreczner07C033
 Dimension of Maximum Volume
abstractpaper.pdf Robert Kreczner10C003
 Cubic Equations - Their Presence, Importance and Applications in the Age of Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Robert Kreczner09C041
 Genius of Ramanujan vs. Modern Mathematical Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Robert Kreczner08C011
 An Interesting Problem From Calculus and Much More

Steve Krevisky

 paper.pdf Steve Krevisky26C026
 Analyzing the Historical Distribution of Major League Baseball Batting Averages

Vatsala Krishnamani

abstractpaper.pdf Vatsala Krishnamani, Dovie Kimmins07C007
 Using Technology as a Tool in Abstract Algebra and Calculus Courses: The MTSU Experience

Betsy Kuhn

abstractpaper.pdf Jessica Deshler, Edgar Fuller, Betsy Kuhn, Doug Squire26S106
 Third Generation Redesign of a Developmental Mathematics Course: Finding What Works
abstractpaper.pdf Edgar Fuller, Jessica Deshler, Betsy Kuhn, Doug Squire24L011
 Developmental Student Success in Courses from College Algebra to Calculus

M. R. S. Kulenovic

abstractpaper.pdf M. R. S. Kulenovic, Orlando Merino19S096
 Generating Undergraduate Research Problems In Difference Equations With Computer Algebra

James Kulich

abstractpaper.pdf James Kulich07C014
 Secondary School Technology Mentors

Ravinder Kumar

abstractpaper.pdf Ravinder Kumar23S111
 Developing an Online Course for Distance Learning - An Exciting Experience

Richard Kuntz

 paper.pdf Richard Kuntz15S097
 On-Line Resources Supporting PSI (Keller Plan) Instruction in Remedial Mathematics and Algebra
abstractpaper.html Richard Kuntz09C039
 Lessons Learned - Preparing On-Line Class Notes

Suda Kunyosying

abstractpaper.html Suda Kunyosying11C023
 Using Maple V in Introductory Group Theory: Exploring Permutation Groups
abstractpaper.html Suda Kunyosying10C031
 'Instant Insanity' meets Computer Algebra!