Author names beginning with the letter C

Susan Caldiero

abstractpaper.pdf Susan Caldiero, Linda DuCray18S040
 Beginning to End, and Everything in Between

Chris K. Caldwell

 paper.pdf Chris K. Caldwell01A122
 A Method to Teach Number Theory Using a Computer

Maria E. Calzada

abstractpaper.pdf Maria E. Calzada, Stephen M. Scariano15C022
 Visual EDFSoftware to Check the Normality Assumption
 paper.pdf Stephen M. Scariano, Maria E. Calzada15S055
 Technological Tools for Contrasting the Ordinary and Total Least Squares Methods

Olga Caprotti

abstractpaper.pdf Olga Caprotti, Matti Pauna, Mika Seppälä21S026
 Online Calculus - Content, Tools, and Methods
abstractpaper.pdf Olga Caprotti, Mika Seppälä, Matti Pauna20S095
 WebALT Online Courses and the JEM Thematic Network
abstractpaper.pdf Olga Caprotti, Matti Pauna, Mika Seppälä21R017
 How to Make Mathematical eContent Travel Well
abstractpaper.pdf Olga Caprotti, Johanna Ojalainen, Matti Pauna, Mika Seppälä25C025
 WEPS Peer Automatic Assessment in Online Math Courses

Jaime Carvalho e Silva

abstractpaper.pdf Ana I. Rosendo, Jaime Carvalho e Silva07C015
 Computers in Mathematics Education - An Experience
abstractpaper.pdf Jaime Carvalho e Silva07C008
 Understanding Exponential Growth with Technology

Ana Guadalupe Del Castillo Bojorquez

abstractpaper.pdf Ana Guadalupe Del Castillo Bojorquez17S098
 Designing Learning Activities With Dynamic Geometry And Computer Algebra Systems: The Ellipse Case

Caroline Johnson Caswell

abstractpaper.pdf Caroline Johnson Caswell, Elisa Rivera28A008
 An Elementary/Higher Education Partnership: Assessing Students Mathematics Knowledge Through Technology

Brenda B. Cates

abstractpaper.html Brenda B. Cates14C023
 CBL Activities and Students' Conceptual Knowledge of Functions

Rodica Cazacu

abstractpaper.pdf Marcela Chiorescu, Rodica Cazacu28A042
 The Impact of Redesigned College Algebra

Pamala Cemen

 paper.pdf Pamala Cemen, Jerry Johnson01A126
 The Mathematics Learning Resource Center at Oklahoma State University

Kathleen Chadick

 paper.pdf Stan Chadick, Kathleen Chadick15S046
 Concept Mapping and Calculators, Facilitating the Big Ideas

Stan Chadick

 paper.pdf Stan Chadick, Kathleen Chadick15S046
 Concept Mapping and Calculators, Facilitating the Big Ideas

Neil Challis

abstractpaper.pdf Harry Gretton, Neil Challis16S123
 TI-Interactive - Getting Involved
abstractpaper.pdf Harry Gretton, Neil Challis16C038
abstractpaper.pdf Harry Gretton, Neil Challis12C099
 Assessment: Does the Punishment Fit the Crime?
 paper.pdf Jeff Waldock, Harry Gretton, Neil Challis15S172
 Assessing MathSkills Using the Web: 100 Marks Are Not Enough!

Beth L. Chance

abstractpaper.html Beth L. Chance09C014
 Incorporating Laboratory Activities into Statistics Courses

Leslie Chandrakantha

abstractpaper.pdf Leslie Chandrakantha23C006
 Using Excel Solver in Optimization Problems
abstractpaper.pdf Leslie Chandrakantha24C038
 Resampling Using Excel in Teaching Statistics
abstractpaper.pdf Leslie Chandrakantha28A009
 Understanding Statistics Concepts Using Simulation In R
abstractpaper.pdf Leslie Chandrakantha25C030
 Simulating Chi-Square Test Using Excel

Steve Chapin

 paper.pdf Steve Chapin, Todd Young15S107
 A Simple Approach to Technology in Calculus

Joe Chapman

abstractpaper.pdf Robert Powers, Joe Chapman20W017
 Teaching and Learning College Algebra with the TI-Navigator Wireless Handheld Network

Eduardo Chappa

abstractpaper.pdf Rohitha Goonatilake, Eduardo Chappa21C017
 Use of Software in College Mathematics Courses: A Glimpse of Two Project Initiatives

Dong Chen

abstractpaper.pdf Diem M. Nguyen, Dong Chen28A025
 PhotoMath - A Mobile App For Algebra Teaching And Tutorials

Oliver Y. Chen

abstractpaper.pdf Oliver Y. Chen08C006
 A Comparison of Pivoting Strategies for the Direct LU Factorization

J. Douglas Child

abstractpaper.pdf Edmund A. Lamagna, William C. Bauldry, J. Douglas Child, Wade Ellis16S009
 Computer Algebra in the Classroom: Promises, Perils, and Pedagogical Perspectives
 paper.pdf J. Douglas Child15S112
 Black Box and White Box CAS in Calculus

Marcela Chiorescu

abstractpaper.pdf Marcela Chiorescu, Rodica Cazacu28A042
 The Impact of Redesigned College Algebra

Eun K. Cho

abstractpaper.pdf Sergei Abramovich, Eun K. Cho18S063
 Using Spreadsheets as Problem-Posing Environments in Elementary Education

Chakib Chraibi

abstractpaper.pdf Hui Fang Huang 'Angie' Su, Carol A. Marinas, Chakib Chraibi20S044
 Exploring Numerical Relationships Through Interactive Numbered Squares of Differing Sizes

Chris Christensen

abstract  Darrell H. Abney, Chris Christensen, Larry Gilligan07P004
 Report on the NSF Institute Calculus Using Computer Algebra Systems

Donna M. Christy

abstractpaper.pdf Donna M. Christy18W003
 Rumors and Flu and New Products, Oh My! Logistic Model to the Rescue!
abstractpaper.pdf Donna M. Christy17W008
 Descartes Visits Wall Street And Meets The TI-84+ SE: A Financial Journey

Myungsuk Chung

abstractpaper.pdf Wei-Chi Yang, Myungsuk Chung08C056
 Examples from Calculus with Scientific Workplace

David Clark

abstractpaper.pdf Allan Struthers, David Clark, Robert Edman, Amy Huff16S108
 Is Popcorn Normal?

Elaine Clark

abstractpaper.pdf Elaine Clark, Francesca Bevilacqua25S079
 A Mathematical Collaboration Across the Atlantic

Jeff Clark

 paper.pdf Jeff Clark15S133
 Preparing Documents for Print, HTML, and PDF
abstractpaper.pdf Jeffrey Clark17C063
 Describing Mathematical Figures with Metapost

Julie Clark

abstractpaper.pdf Julie Clark, Trish Hammer16C019
 Interactive Web-Based Calculus Projects at Hollins University: Area of U.S. States and Roller Coasters
abstractpaper.pdf Julie Clark, Trish Hammer16P007
 Interactive Web-based Calculus Projects at Hollins University: Student Solutions

Sharon Clark

abstractpaper.pdf Lorrie Joubert, Sharon Clark17C001
 'Tired of the Same Old Test Questions?' Incorporating Graphing Technology Into Assessment

Henry Cleary

abstractpaper.pdf Pablo Zafra, Henry Cleary20C040
 A Tutorial Applet for Simplex Method

Anthony Clemons

abstractpaper.pdf Anthony Clemons, Aaron Smith28A010
 Recontextualizing Bloom's Taxonomy: Quantitative Measures in Formative Curriculum Assessments and Program Evaluations

Kelly Cline

abstractpaper.pdf Kelly Cline, Holly Zullo, Mark Parker19C035
 Using Classroom Voting in Mathematics Courses

Gary G. Cochell

abstract  Gary G. Cochell, Atul N. Roy, Sanjay K. Rai07P005
 Technology in Mathematics

Yong S. Colen

abstractpaper.pdf Yong S. Colen20S090
 'Funny Face Contest': A Formative Assessment on Transformation of Functions

Crista Coles

abstractpaper.pdf Crista Coles15C065
 Numerical Animation Using Mathematica

Jose Colon

abstractpaper.pdf Taeil Yi, Jose Colon22C009
 eXe - Creating Dynamic Web Pages for Online Courses

Timothy D. Comar

abstractpaper.pdf Timothy D. Comar18R011
 Undergraduate Student Research in Knot Theory Using Multiple Computational Platforms
abstractpaper.pdf Timothy D. Comar24S126
 Class Projects Using MATLAB to Analyze Models Using Impulsive Differential Equations
abstractpaper.pdf Timothy D. Comar21S102
 Second-semester Biocalculus Computer Laboratory Projects Using Excel and Maple
 paper.pdf Timothy D. Comar15S010
 Visualization of Mobius Transformations in Two and Three Dimensions Using a CAS
abstractpaper.pdf Timothy D. Comar16S006
 Geometry and Matrix Groups in Linear Algebra
 paper.pdf Timothy D. Comar15S145
 Technology-Enhanced Projects in an Upper-Level Modern Geometry Class
abstractpaper.pdf Timothy D. Comar20M008
 Biocalculus Computer Laboratory Projects: Excel and Maple
abstractpaper.pdf Timothy D. Comar, Lisa Townsley18S034
 A Common Calculus Laboratory Course for Traditional Calculus and Biocalculus Students
abstractpaper.pdf Timothy D. Comar22S101
 Bringing Life (Science) to Calculus Through Computer Laboratory Projects
abstractpaper.pdf Timothy D. Comar23S046
 Excelling with Biological Models from the Classroom to Research
abstractpaper.pdf Timothy D. Comar17S044
 Calculus Labs for Biology and Pre-Med Students

Stephen D. Comer

 paper.pdf Stephen D. Comer01A129
 The Use of Spreadsheets in Finite Mathematics

Jere Confrey

 paper.pdf Jere Confrey, Erick Smith01A133
 Student Centered Design for Educational Software

Mary Ann Connors

abstractpaper.pdf Mary Ann Connors19S36A
 Integrating Technology/Engineering Concepts Into The Teaching Of Mathematics In Middle School
abstractpaper.pdf Mary Ann Connors17W003
 Connecting Geometry, Algebra, Statistics, Trigonometry, and Calculus with the TI-89/Voyage 200

Andrew Cooper

abstractpaper.pdf Antonio R. Quesada, Andrew Cooper22S094
 The Impact of Technology and Dynamic Geometry Software on Fostering Discovery and Research at the Undergraduate Level, Some New Results

Kevin Cooper

abstractpaper.html Thomas LoFaro, Kevin Cooper09P011
 IDEA: Internet Differential Equations Activities
 paper.pdf Kevin Cooper15S059
 Prefabricated Mathematical Flash Movie Clips

Thomas E. Cooper

 paper.pdf Thomas E. Cooper28A011
 An Introduction to the Robustness of GeoGebra

John Cosgrave

abstractpaper.pdf John Cosgrave16S070
 Bill Clinton, Bertie Ahern, and Digital Signatures (a Maple Based Introduction to Public-Key Cryptography)

Gabriel Costa

abstractpaper.pdf J. Scott Billie, Michael Huber, Scott Nestler, Gabriel Costa22S096
 Simulating Rare Baseball Events Using Monte Carlo methods in Excel and R

Richard Coultas

abstractpaper.pdf Richard Coultas25C008
 Using Computers to Explore Non-Repetitive Sequences

Ashleigh Craig

abstractpaper.pdf Ashleigh Craig, Theresa Scarnati25C021
 How MELD Scores Affect the Survival Rate of Liver Transplant Recipients

Diane Crann

 paper.pdf Alan Davies, Diane Crann15S054
 If Newton Had a Spreadsheet Would He Have Developed Calculus?
abstractpaper.pdf Diane Crann, Carol Pepper12C032
 Spreadsheet Mathematics for Five Year Olds

Winston Crawley

abstractpaper.pdf Doug Ensley, Winston Crawley17S062
 Teaching Mathematical Proof with Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Winston Crawley, Doug Ensley16S029
 Teaching Mathematical Proof with Technology to First Year Students