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abstractpaper.pdf Bengt Ahlander13C032
 How to make tests for students that are using CAS tool (TI89)
abstractpaper.pdf Margo Alexander10C016
 College Algebra with Interactive Computer Software
abstractpaper.txt Margo Alexander08C049
 College Algebra, Learning Support, and Technology: What is the connection?
abstractpaper.pdf Margo Alexander09C024
 College Algebra in an Open Classroom Connecting Teachers and Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Margo Alexander07C003
 Graphing and Visualization in the College Algebra Classroom
abstractpaper.pdf Margo Alexander11C001
 Interactive Computer Software in College Algebra
abstractpaper.pdf G. Donald Allen16S136
 Visual Algebra with Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Stephen Arnold21M005
 Dynamic Algebra using TI-Nspire CAS
abstractpaper.pdf Stephen Arnold20S026
 Making Algebra Meaningful with Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Alvina J. Atkinson, Lee Ann Roberts, Aris B. Winger, Angela Lively, Sarah H. Park27A004
 Access Algebra: Meeting The Needs of Under-prepared College Algebra Students Just-in-time
abstractpaper.pdf Susan Beane23S104
 A Variety of Options Can Help Students Succeed in Math
abstractpaper.pdf Nathan Borchelt, Mary Hudachek-Buswell, Catherine Matos, Kelli Nipper21S052
 Making Course Management Systems Work for You
abstractpaper.pdf Barbara Boschmans, Brian Beaudrie25S120
 First Year Experience of a Large Course Redesign
abstractpaper.pdf Denise Natasha Brewley, Barry Briddlecomb, Alvina J. Atkinson23C003
 Click, View, Action!: Tools for Learning in a College Algebra Hybrid Course
abstractpaper.html Brenda B. Cates14C023
 CBL Activities and Students' Conceptual Knowledge of Functions
abstractpaper.pdf Marcela Chiorescu, Rodica Cazacu28A042
 The Impact of Redesigned College Algebra
abstractpaper.pdf Yong S. Colen20S090
 'Funny Face Contest': A Formative Assessment on Transformation of Functions
abstractpaper.pdf Mary Ann Connors17W003
 Connecting Geometry, Algebra, Statistics, Trigonometry, and Calculus with the TI-89/Voyage 200
abstractpaper.pdf Marsha Davis23S036
 Using Projects to Develop Concepts in Algebra/Precalculus
abstractpaper.pdf John J. Edgell10P006
 Calculator/Geometry Strategies for Understanding Properties of x^(m/n)
abstractpaper.pdf Patsy J. Fagan16W010
 An Interactive Approach to Algebra Using the TI-83+ Apps
abstractpaper.pdf Mark Farris13C026
 Coping with multiple calculator models in College Algebra
 paper.pdf Sonia Ford19LS08
 Hybrid Intermediate Algebra And Hybrid College Algebra: A Successful Pilot
 paper.pdf William P. Fox, Richard D. West16A001
 College Algebra Reform: Why Projects are Worth the Effort
abstractpaper.pdf William P. Fox, Richard D. West16S118
 Mathematical Modeling: Predicting the Size of the Terror Bird with Proportionality and Geometric Similarity
abstractpaper.pdf Katrina B. Freeman, Lorrie B. Joubert, Ellen G. Stutes19C001
 Bring Us Your Tired, Your Poor Test Questions
abstractpaper.pdf Edgar Fuller, Jessica Deshler, Betsy Kuhn, Doug Squire24L011
 Developmental Student Success in Courses from College Algebra to Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf Javier Garza, Karl Havlak, Elisabeth Riggs, Peter White12C002
 Development of a Computer-Based College Algebra Course
abstractpaper.pdf Christina Gawlik25S082
 Engaging Students with Their iPad and iPhone Applications
abstractpaper.pdf Lee R. Gibson20S113
 A Peer-learning Approach to Conceptual Understanding with Iclicker
abstractpaper.html Alicia Giovinazzo16C006
 Teaching and Assessing Intermediate Algebra Students Online Using WebCTM
abstractpaper.html Bahram Golshan10P007
 Mathematics with Spreadsheets
abstractpaper.pdf Rohitha Goonatilake, Eduardo Chappa21C017
 Use of Software in College Mathematics Courses: A Glimpse of Two Project Initiatives
 paper.pdf Sheldon P. Gordon15S014
 Refocusing the Courses Below Calculus: A National Initiative
abstractpaper.pdf Ronald J. Harshbarger, Lisa S. Yocco19S035
 Using Scientific Notebook And Excel In A College Algebra Course
abstractpaper.pdf Ronald J. Harshbarger, Lisa S. Yocco17S073
 College Algebra in Context: An Interdisciplinary Approach
abstractpaper.pdf Ronald J. Harshbarger, Lisa S. Yocco18S087
 Integrating Applications, Modeling, and Technology into a 'College Algebra in Context' Course
abstractpaper.pdf Markus Hohenwarter, Judith Preiner, Taeil Yi19S100
 Incorporating GeoGebra Into Teaching Mathematics At The College Level
abstractpaper.pdf Laura Iossi25C037
 Redesigning Algebra Courses: From Implementation to Results
abstractpaper.pdf Salvatrice F. Keating, Marsha Davis, Kim Ward22S055
 Exploratory Online Assessments of Collegiate Developmental Mathematics and Secondary Level Algebra Comprehension: A Pilot Initiative
abstractpaper.pdf Robert Kreczner10C003
 Cubic Equations - Their Presence, Importance and Applications in the Age of Technology
abstractpaper.pdf James Kulich07C014
 Secondary School Technology Mentors
 paper.pdf Richard Kuntz15S097
 On-Line Resources Supporting PSI (Keller Plan) Instruction in Remedial Mathematics and Algebra
abstractpaper.pdf Nancy Leveille20S047
 Choosing an On-line Homework Delivery System: Improving Pass Rates Through Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Auxencia A. Limjap12C030
 Issues on Problem Solving: Drawing Implications For a Techno-Mathematics Curriculum at the Collegiate Level
abstractpaper.pdf Irina Lyublinskaya19C009
 In Search Of Logistic Curve - Activities For Your Students From Algebra To Calculus
 paper.pdf James E. Mann01A194
 College Algebra in a Liberal Arts Curriculum
 paper.pdf Robert Mayes16S005
 Restructuring of Before Calculus Courses
abstractpaper.pdf Robert Mayes17S034
 College Algebra Reform
 paper.pdf Coreen L. Mett15S080
 WeBWorK - Internet Delivery of Homework in College Algebra
abstractpaper.pdf Beverly K. Michael21S099
 A Modeling Approach to College Algebra
 paper.pdf Beverly K. Michael15S036
 Comparing On-Line Tutoring-Testing Programs for College Algebra
abstractpaper.pdf Beverly K. Michael18S017
 Student Attitudes Towards Homework Tutor Programs
abstractpaper.html John C. Miller10P013
 Intelligent Help at Every Step: The Impossible Mathematical Dream?
abstractpaper.pdf John C. Miller18S120
 The Fantasy of the Conscientious Instructor: Intelligent Prerequisite Review at any Intermediate Step
 paper.pdf Umesh P. Nagarkatte, Shailaja U. Nagarkatte01A214
 Two and Three Dimensional BASIC Graphics Programming and Its Uses
 paper.pdf Carol M. Nessmith, Pamela C. Watkins15S023
 Linked Courses: The Logistics and Implementation of a Linked College Algebra and Web-Based Lab
abstractpaper.pdf Diem M. Nguyen, Dong Chen28A025
 PhotoMath - A Mobile App For Algebra Teaching And Tutorials
abstractpaper.pdf Brian R. O'Callaghan10C019
 Calculators, Attitudes, and Success
abstractpaper.pdf Judy O'Neal16M016
 Using StudyCards Creator Software in Teaching Years 1 and 2 Collegiate Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Chihiro Oshima22C008
 Integration of Learning Software into Introductory Level College Mathematics Courses
abstractpaper.pdf Nikita Patterson, Margo Alexander, Valerie Miller, Brad McPhail18S011
 A Road to Redesign in College Algebra and Precalculus
abstractpaper.pdf Robert Powers, Joe Chapman20W017
 Teaching and Learning College Algebra with the TI-Navigator Wireless Handheld Network
abstractpaper.pdf Nancy J. Priselac, Stephen M. Priselac18S107
 Delivering College Algebra Content Using Web-Enhanced, On-line and ITV Modalities
abstractpaper.pdf Laura J. Pyzdrowski, Melanie B. Butler, Anthony S. Pyzdrowski, Vennessa L. Walker18S031
 Using Technology to Help Address Different Learning Styles in a College Algebra Classroom
abstractpaper.pdf Laura J. Pyzdrowski, Anthony S. Pyzdrowski16S010
 Constructing WebCT Quizzes for Use in College Algebra
 paper.pdf Peter Rice01A236
 The Natural Language Mathematics Testing System
abstractpaper.pdf Julia S. Roman07C009
 An Algebraic Approach to the Immutability of the Slope of a Line
abstractpaper.pdf Jay L. Schiffman25C045
 Using the TI-89 to Delve Deeper Into the Graphs of Polynomial Functions
abstractpaper.pdf Wendiann Sethi21S083
 Technology-driven Investigations for Intermediate Algebra for Business Majors
abstractpaper.pdf Jacob Sloujitel, Leonid Polyakov14C018
 Technology in Teaching Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Blanca Evelia Flores Soto, Ana Guadalupe Del Castillo Bojorquez22S079
 Online Assessment with Maple T.A.: Sharing an Experience in Algebra
abstractpaper.pdf Debbye Stapleton, Cynthia Sikes11C049
 Calculator Activities in College Algebra
abstractpaper.pdf Joseph Sukta20S059
 Real-Life Projects for Student Assessment in General Education Mathematics
 paper.pdf Ryan Thomas27A026
 A Graphing Approach to Algebra Using Desmos
 paper.pdf Thomas W. Tucker01A083
 The Twilight of Paper-and-Pencil: Undergraduate Mathematics at the End of the Century
 paper.pdf Dan Van Peursem15S042
 Intermediate Algebra 'A Gateway/Mastery Approach Using SCIENTIFIC NOTEBOOK's Exam Builder'
abstractpaper.pdf Alexander Vaninsky18C022
 Active Learning of Algebra Supported by Video-classes
abstractpaper.pdf Josefino Villanueva16C037
 The Cubic and Quartic Equations in Intermediate Algebra Courses
abstractpaper.pdf Elizabeth Yanik07C023
 Coffee, Tea, or Not? A Model Based on Newton's Law of Cooling