Electronic Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics

Orlando, Florida, March 16-19, 2006

Paper C022

Active Learning of Algebra Supported by Video-classes

Alexander Vaninsky

Department of Mathematics
Hostos Community College
City University of New York
Room B409
500 Grand Concourse
Bronx, NY 10415
Phone: (718) 319-7930
Fax: (715) 518-6706

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It is suggested to provide students with a combination of video-lectures covering topics from prealgebra through intermediate algebra and a series of computer-based exercises and tests. It is proposed that a student experiencing learning problems takes a 15-minute video-lecture in selected topic first, then practices by performing multiple-choice exercises on a computer, and finally, takes a computer-based test thus realizing an opportunity of self-evaluation.

All components, video-classes, exercises, and tests may be made available on a web site, library computer network, personal memory sticks, etc. Students may use them repeatedly, without any declaration of their problems and at any convenient time. Suggested computer-based assistance is aimed at increase in efficiency of the face-to-face teaching and tutoring at learning centers, higher achievement on examinations, and eventually higher level of professional preparation.

Experience of using the suggested approach at Hostos Community College and selected examples are presented.

Suggested approach is in line with digital books proposed recently by Sony Corporation.

Keyword(s): college algebra, on-line access