Author names beginning with the letter E

Aniekan Asukwo Ebiefung

 paper.pdf Aniekan Asukwo Ebiefung28A013
 How To Draw And Recognize Misreading Graphs Part I

John J. Edgell

abstractpaper.pdf John J. Edgell, Michael J. Brown10C035
 Calculator/Geometry Strategies for Understanding x^(m/n)
abstractpaper.pdf John J. Edgell, Michael J. Brown08C092
 Graphics Calculator Applications to Maximum and Minimum Problems on Geometric Constructs
abstractpaper.pdf John J. Edgell09C047
 Graphics Calculator Applications on 4 - D Constructs
abstractpaper.pdf John J. Edgell10P006
 Calculator/Geometry Strategies for Understanding Properties of x^(m/n)

Robert Edman

abstractpaper.pdf Allan Struthers, David Clark, Robert Edman, Amy Huff16S108
 Is Popcorn Normal?

Bruce Edwards

abstractpaper.pdf Bruce Edwards07C027
 Motivating Mathematical Understanding via Surprises on the TI-85

Michael Todd Edwards

abstractpaper.pdf Suzanne R. Harper, Michael Todd Edwards21S075
 Purposeful Dragging: Motivating Deeper Understanding of Functions, Domain, and Continuity through Dynamic Geometry Explorations
abstractpaper.pdf Michael Todd Edwards, Asli Ozgun-Koca, Michael Meagher20W015
 Podcasting Rich Problems with TI-Nspire CAS
abstractpaper.pdf Michael Todd Edwards, Antonio R. Quesada19S073
 Dueling (Dualing) Solids: Enhancing Student And Teacher Geometrical Understanding With Cabri 3D
abstractpaper.pdf Antonio R. Quesada, Michael Smith, Michael Todd Edwards19S24A
 Are Textbooks Addressing All Accessible Topics Foundational To Calculus?

John Ehrke

 paper.pdf John Ehrke22S001
 Course Blogs and the iPhone: Applications at All Levels of Undergraduate Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf John Ehrke26S001
 Assessing the Efficacy of Mobile Computing Platforms in Mathematics Education Via a Mobile Learning Usability Scale

J. A. Eidswick

 paper.pdf J. A. Eidswick01A154
 A Special Calculus Course at UNL

Richard L. Einsporn

abstractpaper.pdf Antonio R. Quesada, Richard L. Einsporn, Muserref Wiggins17S122
 Using Graphing Calculators to Enhance Students Understanding of the Formal Definition of Limits

Neil Eklund

abstractpaper.pdf Neil Eklund11C027
 CORDIC: Elementary Function Computation Using Recursive Sequences
abstractpaper.pdf Neil Eklund08C091
 Modeling with the TI-85

Bruce Elenbogen

abstractpaper.pdf Bruce Elenbogen, David A. James, Michael Lachance13C017
 A Spiral Approach to Problems in Linear Algebra: Computer Laboratories
abstractpaper.pdf Bruce Elenbogen, David A. James, Michael Lachance12C007
 Visual Linear Algebra: Web-Based Exploration Applets

Rahim Elghanmi

abstract  Paul Nugent, Rahim Elghanmi07P018
 Computers Across the Curriculum

Wade Ellis

abstractpaper.pdf Edmund A. Lamagna, William C. Bauldry, J. Douglas Child, Wade Ellis16S009
 Computer Algebra in the Classroom: Promises, Perils, and Pedagogical Perspectives

Charles Vonder Embse

 paper.pdf Charles Vonder Embse01A278
 Research on Reading and Interpreting Computer Generated Graphs Using Eye-Tracking Technology

George Emese

abstractpaper.pdf George Emese07C019
 Examples of Graphing Calculator Use in Calculus I

Doug Ensley

abstractpaper.pdf Doug Ensley, Winston Crawley17S062
 Teaching Mathematical Proof with Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Winston Crawley, Doug Ensley16S029
 Teaching Mathematical Proof with Technology to First Year Students
abstractpaper.pdf Kate McGivney, Doug Ensley16S015
 Using Maple to Develop Students' Intuition in Solving Discrete Mathematics Problems
abstractpaper.pdf Douglas Ensley, Barbara Kaskosz20M005
 Steal This Applet!
abstractpaper.pdf Douglas Ensley, Barbara Kaskosz25S064
 Mobile Math Apps: Innovative Smartphone Technology

Janice Epstein

abstractpaper.pdf Janice Epstein, Jill Zaretsky21S047
 Redesigning Mathematics for the Twenty-first-century Classroom
abstractpaper.pdf Janice Epstein, Michael S. Pilant16S098
 Finite Math on the Web - Core Mathematics Delivered via the Web
abstractpaper.pdf Janice Epstein17S011
 Algorithmic Homework in Finite Math - What Are the Benefits?

Ranel E. Erickson

abstractpaper.pdf Ranel E. Erickson15C059
 Systematic Formulation of Mathematical Word Problems Involving Units

Kathryn Ernie

abstractpaper.pdf Erick Hofacker, Kathryn Ernie22S049
 Using Podcasts & Digital Ink to Enhance Mathematical Communication
abstractpaper.pdf Erick Hofacker, Kathryn Ernie20C039
 Interactive Learning Objects for Future Teachers
abstractpaper.pdf Kathryn Ernie, Erick Hofacker22S103
 The Art and Science of Designing Higher Level Clicker Questions
abstractpaper.pdf Kathryn Ernie, Erick Hofacker21S098
 Using Clickers to Encourage Communication and Self-reflection in Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Erick Hofacker, Kathryn Ernie21S010
 Using Digital Ink and Podcasts to Teach Mathematics

Ana Escuder

abstractpaper.pdf Ana Escuder, Joseph M. Furner23S113
 Impact of GeoGebra in Math Teacher's Professional Development

Jane Evans Gower

 paper.pdf Jane Evans Gower15S057
 Swing, Pendulum, Swing