Electronic Proceedings of the Eleventh Annual International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics

New Orleans, Louisiana, November 19-22, 1998

Paper C027

CORDIC: Elementary Function Computation Using Recursive Sequences

Neil Eklund

Centre College
600 West Walnut
Danville, KY 40422-1394
Phone: (606) 238-5405

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The CORDIC procedure first appeared in a paper by Jack Volder in 1959 and has seen limited presentation in various forms since then. Among the eight publications I have located, all have shortcomings in their discussion of the hyperbolic case. The purpose of this talk is to clarify the process and correct some of those shortcomings. The issues I shall deal with include the following: which terms in the process must be repeated; what limitations on x are required to get convergence; how do we get around this constraint on x; and what are the details of the convergence process?

Keyword(s): calculators, numerical methods