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abstractpaper.pdf Reza O. Abbasian, John T. Sieben22R006
 A Survey of the Use and Effectiveness of Technology Based Mathematics Instruction among Texas High School and Colleges and Universities
abstractpaper.pdf Reza O. Abbasian, John T. Sieben18S053
 Investigating Theorems in Mathematics and Statistics Using Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Reza O. Abbasian, John T. Sieben23S017
 Use of and in Teaching Applications of Mathematics and Statistics
abstractpaper.pdf Alan T. Arnholt18S056
 Using R in an Introductory Statistics Course
abstractpaper.pdf Charles Bare08C028
 Multiple Linear Regression Using the Matrix Capabilities of the TI-85
 paper.pdf Lindsey Bell, Keshav Jagannathan27A006
 Introducing R in an Applied Statistics Course for Nonmajors
 paper.pdf Lindsey Bell, Keshav Jagannathan27A007
 Regression Outliers and Influential Observations Using Fathom
abstractpaper.pdf Julie Belock25S108
 Addressing Challenging Statistical Topics with Minitab
abstractpaper.pdf Zaur Berkaliev16S104
 Can Technology Help Predict the Dynamics of Student Attitudes Toward Mathematics?
abstractpaper.pdf J. Scott Billie, Michael Huber, Scott Nestler, Gabriel Costa22S096
 Simulating Rare Baseball Events Using Monte Carlo methods in Excel and R
abstractpaper.pdf Siamack Bondari21C009
 Need for the Design of a Math Technology Course at a Liberal Arts College
abstractpaper.pdf Maria E. Calzada, Stephen M. Scariano15C022
 Visual EDFSoftware to Check the Normality Assumption
abstractpaper.html Beth L. Chance09C014
 Incorporating Laboratory Activities into Statistics Courses
abstractpaper.pdf Leslie Chandrakantha25C030
 Simulating Chi-Square Test Using Excel
abstractpaper.pdf Leslie Chandrakantha24C038
 Resampling Using Excel in Teaching Statistics
abstractpaper.pdf Leslie Chandrakantha28A009
 Understanding Statistics Concepts Using Simulation In R
abstractpaper.pdf Mary Ann Connors17W003
 Connecting Geometry, Algebra, Statistics, Trigonometry, and Calculus with the TI-89/Voyage 200
abstractpaper.pdf Marsha Davis26S056
 Against All Odds: Inside Statistics
abstractpaper.pdf Marsha Davis, Pete Johnson25M015
 Minitab Projects in Introductory Statistics
abstract  Vince DeBlase, Sharon Wagner07P006
 Statistics and Probability Interactive
abstractpaper.pdf Harshini Fernando22R005
 Statistical Thinking and Case Studies
abstractpaper.pdf Harshini Fernando, Susitha Karunaratne24C024
 Teaching an Undergraduate Statistics Class with Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Amy Fisher18S033
 Sneak Away to the ICTCM and Don't Cancel Class
 paper.pdf Michael B. Fiske01A166
 Teaching Simple Linear Regression Using the Casio fx-7000G Calculator
 paper.pdf William P. Fox22S064
 Identifying People Wearing Wires for Detonation of IEDS
abstractpaper.pdf Christina Gawlik25S082
 Engaging Students with Their iPad and iPhone Applications
abstractpaper.pdf Suzan Gazioglu21S082
 Teaching Statistics Online - Logging in with Me
abstractpaper.pdf Steven J. Giust, Cathleen M. Zucco08C032
 MINITAB and Critical Thinking Skills
abstractpaper.pdf Robert Goldman, John D. McKenzie, Jr.18C131
 Creating Realistic Data Sets with Specified Properties Via Simulation
abstractpaper.pdf Ramon Gomez24C031
 Teaching Business Statistics Courses Using an Interactive Approach Based on Technology Resources
 paper.pdf Ramon Gomez25C031
 Teaching The Two-Way Analysis Of Variance Using Technology Resources
 paper.pdf Ramon Gomez26C013
 Benefits of Using Technology Resources While Teaching the Chi-square Test for Independence/Dependence
abstractpaper.pdf Ramon Gomez22S115
 Using Technology in Introductory Statistics Courses
abstractpaper.pdf Ramon Gomez23S115
 Enhancing Statistics Courses for Psychology Students Using Technology Resources
abstractpaper.pdf Ramon Gomez21C012
 Integrating Technology in a Statistics Course for a Special Program at Florida International University
abstractpaper.html Jeff Graham13C013
 Regression using Excel's Solver
abstractpaper.pdf Carrie E. A. Grant28A017
 Designing a Meaningful Final Project For an Introductory Statistics Course
abstractpaper.pdf Carrie E. A. Grant27A019
 Unveiling the Mysterious Meanings of Confidence Intervals Using the Statcrunch Plotter (and Other Applet Ideas)
abstractpaper.pdf Carrie E.A. Grant26S098
 Statcrunch Groups: Embedding Activities for Exploration and Assessment
abstractpaper.pdf James Graziose25C032
 Is My Data Normal? Using Technology To Test For Normality
abstractpaper.pdf David Gurney24S117
 Creating Statistics Applets With GeoGebra
abstractpaper.pdf Judith H. Hector13C028
 Introductory Statistics Via the Internet
abstractpaper.pdf Laurie Huffman24C045
 Using Technology to Support the Transition to a Project-based Statistics Course
abstractpaper.pdf Michael Jaye, Robert Burks22S080
 A Dynamical System Model of Information Operation Effects
abstractpaper.pdf A. Bathi Kasturiarachi18C012
 Interactive Labs for Introductory Statistics Courses
abstractpaper.pdf Thomas P. Kline16S100
 Using a Script, Programs, and Pictures with the Anscombe Data
abstractpaper.pdf Eunmee Koh07C012
 Teaching Statistics to Students with Limited Language Skill Using MINITAB
abstractpaper.pdf Raimundo Kovac, Rebecca Sparks, Christopher Teixeira19S083
 Baseball And Statistics: An Exploration Using Excel In A First-Semester Statistics Course
 paper.pdf Steve Krevisky26C026
 Analyzing the Historical Distribution of Major League Baseball Batting Averages
abstractpaper.pdf Robert A. Leslie08C030
 Exploring the Gini Index of Inequality with Derive
abstractpaper.pdf Lawrence M. Lesser, Randall Groth20S118
 Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Statistics
abstractpaper.pdf Nancy Leveille, Ron Barnes21R001
 Experiences in Business Statistics Courses with a Classroom Response System: Clickers
abstractpaper.pdf Sarah L. Mabrouk23M013
 Student Engagement in Online Courses
abstractpaper.txt Elinor M. Madigan, Robert H. Forsman07C001
 A Pilot Study of a Modified Distance Learning Technique for Use in an Introductory Managerial Statistics Course
abstractpaper.pdf Jose Alexandre dos Santos Vaz Martins19S072
 Statistics With Dynamic Geometry
 paper.pdf Mike May28A023
 Introductory Stats, There's an App For That
abstractpaper.pdf Kate McGivney14C011
 Using Minitab to Improve Students' Understanding of the Central Limit Theorem
abstractpaper.pdf Laura McSweeney16M006
 Using Excel to Create Interactive Statistics Worksheets
 paper.pdf James M. Meehan01A202
 The Instructional Use of Simulation of Random Experiments
abstractpaper.pdf Sandra Monteferrante08C073
 Blueprint for Technology Implementation
abstractpaper.pdf Teri J. Murphy20R006
 Using Clickers: Experiences in Introductory Statistics Courses
abstractpaper.txt Bruce Pollack-Johnson, Audrey Borchardt08C045
 Using the TI-82 and Spreadsheets in a 1st-Year Math Course for Business and Social Science
abstractpaper.pdf Jim Roberts20S021
 Examination of Data on Global Warming Using Graphing Calculators
abstractpaper.pdf Krishna K. Saha19C011
 Open Source Introduction To Statistics with R
 paper.pdf Stephen M. Scariano, Maria E. Calzada15S055
 Technological Tools for Contrasting the Ordinary and Total Least Squares Methods
 paper.pdf Scott A. Sinex26C017
 Deriving a Non-linear Multivariable Model for Stacking Nested Cubes Via Spreadsheet Simulations
abstractpaper.pdf Jacob Sloujitel, Leonid Polyakov14C018
 Technology in Teaching Mathematics
 paper.pdf Dianna J. Spence, Brad Bailey27A025
 Technologies to Facilitate Each Stage of Student-Directed Statistics Projects
abstractpaper.pdf Dianna J. Spence, Brad Bailey24C035
 Technology-rich Projects in Elementary Statistics
abstractpaper.pdf Allan Struthers20S102
 Radioactive Decay: Data Collection and Analysis of a Real Poisson Process
abstractpaper.pdf Allan Struthers, David Clark, Robert Edman, Amy Huff16S108
 Is Popcorn Normal?
abstractpaper.pdf Joseph Sukta20S059
 Real-Life Projects for Student Assessment in General Education Mathematics
 paper.pdf Mike Turegun18C015
 Computing Critical Test Statistic Values Using Tables! Tables?!... What Tables?! Use Your TI-83/84
abstractpaper.pdf Alexander Vaninsky20C020
 Teaching Statistical Thinking Using Spreadsheets
 paper.pdf Peter W. White27A030
 To Log or not to Log
abstractpaper.pdf Janet M. Winter20S089
 Data That Clicks Produces Concepts That Stick
abstractpaper.pdf Cathleen M. Zucco07C011
 Using MINITAB to Enhance Critical Thinking Skills