Electronic Proceedings of the Eighth Annual International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics

Houston, Texas, November 16-19, 1995

Paper C073

Blueprint for Technology Implementation

Sandra Monteferrante

Dowling College
Oakdale, NY 11769
Phone: (516) 244-3178
Fax: (516) 563-5140

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This project targets college entry level mathematics students in precalculus and prestatistics courses. The program content and structure includes four elements:

Facility Development: An ILI grant provided 50% funding for a mathematics computer laboratory classroom consisting of a network of 15 student stations providing Derive, a computer graphics and algebra system.

Curriculum Development: A team of 3 co-investigators and the PI selected computer lab experiences to enhance instruction in two existing entry level courses, precalculus and prestatistics.

Faculty Development: In a two day summer workshop, all potential instructors executed and edited lab materials prepared by the team of co-investigators. Pedagogical issues discussed included replacing lectures with laboratory experiences as an instructional tool, cooperative learning and standards for writing laboratory reports.

Student Development: Laboratory experiences emphasized constructing mathematical concepts in cooperative groups and recording observations in the form of written reports. The concepts of first and second written drafts were developed by encouraging resubmissions of written reports to either elaborate or more clearly articulate observations.

Analysis of success and retention through student grades was not statistically significant in the first year, although anecdotal evidence is encouraging. The program structure is portable and adaptable to the needs of other sites.

Keyword(s): precalculus, statistics, teacher training