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abstractpaper.pdf Margo Alexander13C005
 Web Based Precalculus
abstractpaper.html Margo Alexander, Jean Bevis, Draga Vidakovic12C006
 Designing a Precalculus Course with Optional Web Based Activities, Preliminary Report
abstractpaper.pdf G. Donald Allen, Sandra Nite, Michael S. Pilant, Jennifer Whitfield25S037
 Using a Math Placement Exam to Develop a Personalized Precalculus Program
abstractpaper.pdf Przemyslaw Bogacki18S042
 Calculus Prerequisite Diagnostic Quizzes and Tutorials with ThomsonNOW
 paper.pdf Christine Browning01A114
 The Computer/Calculator Precalculus (C2PC) Project and Levels of Graphical Understanding
abstractpaper.pdf Melissa Burkhead26S60B
 Linkages, Ellipses, and Elliptical Exercise Machines: Student Explorations
abstract  Gary G. Cochell, Atul N. Roy, Sanjay K. Rai07P005
 Technology in Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Timothy D. Comar22S101
 Bringing Life (Science) to Calculus Through Computer Laboratory Projects
abstractpaper.pdf Timothy D. Comar20M008
 Biocalculus Computer Laboratory Projects: Excel and Maple
abstractpaper.pdf Marsha Davis23S036
 Using Projects to Develop Concepts in Algebra/Precalculus
abstractpaper.pdf Marsha Davis17S090
 Developing Precalculus Concepts in Context
abstractpaper.pdf Marsha Davis18S043
 Precalculus, it's out of This World
abstractpaper.pdf Marsha Davis, Hortencia Garcia16S133
 Precalculus: Concepts in Context
abstractpaper.pdf Juan C. De Lemos, Alex Pelin, Jose Quiroz08C017
 The Relationship Between Learning Styles and the Computer-Based System Precalc
 paper.pdf Franklin Demana, Bert K. Waits01A001
 Using Computer Graphing to Enhance the Teaching and Learning of Calculus and Precalculus Mathematics
abstract  Anne Dudley, David Dudley07P008
 Maricopa Mathematics Consortium (M2C) An NSF Grant
abstractpaper.pdf Thomas L. Fitzkee13C038
 Can you beat the SC Tuition Prepayment Program?
 paper.pdf Gregory D. Foley01A028
 Using Hand-Held Graphing Computers in College Mathematics
abstract  Lynn Foshee Reed, Susan Hagen07P021
 The Rule of Four in a Technology-Enhanced Precalculus Course
abstractpaper.pdf Cathy M. Frey14C031
 Using JavaScript(c) and Mathematica(c) to Create Animated Web Pages
 paper.pdf Florence S. Gordon15S083
 What Students Learn: Math Modeling vs Traditional Precalculus
 paper.pdf Sheldon P. Gordon15S014
 Refocusing the Courses Below Calculus: A National Initiative
abstractpaper.pdf Mako E. Haruta22S029
 An Overview of a Decade of WeBWorK Use in Precalculus and Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf Alan Horwitz08C035
 Using MATHEMATICA to Prove and Animate a Property of Cubic Polynomials
abstractpaper.pdf James Kulich07C014
 Secondary School Technology Mentors
abstract  Jean Lane07P013
 Calculator Enhanced Instruction Project by a Consortium of New Jersey and Pennsylvania Educational Institutions
abstractpaper.pdf Lisa A. Lister, John Polhill17C036
 A Precalculus Experiment
abstractpaper.pdf Irina Lyublinskaya19C009
 In Search Of Logistic Curve - Activities For Your Students From Algebra To Calculus
 paper.pdf Robert Mayes16S005
 Restructuring of Before Calculus Courses
abstract  Tania M. McDuffie07P016
 The Graphics Calculator as a Teaching and Learning Tool in Precalculus
abstractpaper.pdf Sandra Monteferrante08C073
 Blueprint for Technology Implementation
 paper.pdf Umesh P. Nagarkatte, Shailaja U. Nagarkatte01A214
 Two and Three Dimensional BASIC Graphics Programming and Its Uses
abstractpaper.pdf Sandra B. Nite, G. Donald Allen26S104
 Student Characteristics That Help Predict Success in Calculus: Results From a Summer Precalculus Program
abstractpaper.pdf Judy O'Neal16M016
 Using StudyCards Creator Software in Teaching Years 1 and 2 Collegiate Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Nikita Patterson, Margo Alexander, Valerie Miller, Brad McPhail18S011
 A Road to Redesign in College Algebra and Precalculus
 paper.pdf Nancy J. Priselac, Stephen M. Priselac15S100
 Precalculus: Discover the Power of Web-Enhancement Within an Interactive Video Course
abstractpaper.pdf Antonio R. Quesada18S023
 Using Technology to Teach Mathematics Topics Foundational to Calculus at Secondary Level
abstractpaper.pdf Antonio R. Quesada, Michael Smith, Michael Todd Edwards19S24A
 Are Textbooks Addressing All Accessible Topics Foundational To Calculus?
abstractpaper.pdf Debbye Stapleton, Cynthia Sikes11C049
 Calculator Activities in College Algebra
 paper.pdf Marvin Stotz01A264
 M. A. R. V. Method for Enhancing High School Mathematics
 paper.pdf David L. Stout01A268
 The EL-5200 Graphic Scientific Calculator: Precalculus-Teacher-Generated Curriculum Ideas
abstractpaper.pdf Bob Tilidetzke07C004
 CAI in Precalculus
 paper.pdf Lisa Townsley26S013
 MOOC Precalculus (almost) at the University System of Georgia
abstractpaper.pdf Lisa Townsley24M010
 High Stakes Testing Using WebAssign
abstractpaper.pdf Lisa Townsley22S003
 Uniform Assessment of Precalculus Skills Using WebAssign
abstractpaper.pdf Lisa Townsley21M006
 Testing Across Precalculus Sections using WebAssign
 paper.pdf Thomas W. Tucker01A083
 The Twilight of Paper-and-Pencil: Undergraduate Mathematics at the End of the Century
 paper.pdf Agnes Wieschenberg01A287
 Computer Graph Analysis
abstractpaper.pdf Joe Yanik07C029
 Chaos in the Classroom
 paper.pdf Marwan Zabdawi26S131
 Strategy for Graphing Trigonometric Functions Using Mapping & Superposition