Papers from ICTCM-19 arranged by first author

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abstractpaper.pdf Reza O. Abbasian, John T. Sieben19S003
 Exploring Infinite Series With Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Sergei Abramovich, Peter Brouwer19S010
 Exploring Topics Within The Mathematics Teacher Education Curriculum Through The Use Of Technology
 paper.pdf Margo Alexander19LS04
 A Road To ReDesign With Peer Tutoring
abstractpaper.pdf William C. Bauldry19S014
 Using Maple In An 'Analysis For Teachers' Graduate Course
abstractpaper.pdf Przemyslaw Bogacki, Gordon Melrose19M005
 Administering And Customizing Prerequisite Diagnostic Quizzes
abstractpaper.pdf Paul Bouthellier, Melanie Anderson19S081
 Creating 3D Animations In Flash Using Mathematical Modeling
abstractpaper.pdf Paul Bouthellier, Melanie Anderson19C016
 The Buffon Needle Problem Generalized
abstractpaper.pdf Kelly Cline, Holly Zullo, Mark Parker19C035
 Using Classroom Voting in Mathematics Courses
abstractpaper.pdf Mary Ann Connors19S36A
 Integrating Technology/Engineering Concepts Into The Teaching Of Mathematics In Middle School
abstractpaper.pdf Barbara K. D'Ambrosia, Carl R. Spitznagel19S033
 Demonstrating Calculus Concepts Using The Geometer's Sketchpad
abstractpaper.pdf Michael Todd Edwards, Antonio R. Quesada19S073
 Dueling (Dualing) Solids: Enhancing Student And Teacher Geometrical Understanding With Cabri 3D
abstractpaper.pdf Joseph Fadyn19C028
 Underdamped Motion: Structured Maple Projects For Differential Equations
 paper.pdf Sonia Ford19LS08
 Hybrid Intermediate Algebra And Hybrid College Algebra: A Successful Pilot
abstractpaper.pdf Katrina B. Freeman, Lorrie B. Joubert, Ellen G. Stutes19C001
 Bring Us Your Tired, Your Poor Test Questions
abstractpaper.pdf Ronald J. Harshbarger, Lisa S. Yocco19S035
 Using Scientific Notebook And Excel In A College Algebra Course
abstractpaper.pdf Adam O. Hausknecht, Robert E. Kowalczyk19S009
 Exploring Calculus Using Innovative Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Russell Herman, Gabriel Lugo19S001
 iPods: Reducing Mathematics To Sound/Video Bytes
abstractpaper.pdf Markus Hohenwarter, Judith Preiner, Taeil Yi19S100
 Incorporating GeoGebra Into Teaching Mathematics At The College Level
abstractpaper.pdf Pete Johnson19R009
 Assessing The NCATE/NCTM Standards For Preservice Secondary Mathematics Teachers Through Portfolios
abstractpaper.pdf Devendra A. Kapadia19S024
 Exploring Differential Equations With Mathematica
abstractpaper.pdf Salvatrice F. Keating, Marsha Davis19S051
 Calculus Readiness Assessment And Remediation Using Maple T.A.
abstractpaper.pdf Raimundo Kovac, Rebecca Sparks, Christopher Teixeira19S083
 Baseball And Statistics: An Exploration Using Excel In A First-Semester Statistics Course
abstractpaper.pdf Robert E. Kowalczyk, Adam O. Hauskneth, Sara Dalton19S045
 Experiencing TI-Navigator In A Calculus Class
abstractpaper.pdf M. R. S. Kulenovic, Orlando Merino19S096
 Generating Undergraduate Research Problems In Difference Equations With Computer Algebra
abstractpaper.pdf Irina Lyublinskaya19C009
 In Search Of Logistic Curve - Activities For Your Students From Algebra To Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf Abraham S. Mantell19C002
 It Has To Be Right, That's What My Calculator 'Says'!!!
abstractpaper.pdf Carol A. Marinas, Joseph M. Furner19S022
 Electronic Math Education Portfolios In A Mathematics Methods Course
abstractpaper.pdf Jose Alexandre dos Santos Vaz Martins19S072
 Statistics With Dynamic Geometry
abstractpaper.pdf John C. Miller19S047
 Can Math Software Improve Homework Effectiveness?
abstractpaper.pdf Timothy L. Miller19C020
 Series Solutions Of Second Order Differential Equations With The TI-89
abstractpaper.pdf Kunio Mitsuma19C004
 Helping Future High School Teachers With Web-based Interactive Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf James R. Olsen19S052
 Windows Media Encoder To Enhance Mathematics Teaching And Learning: This May Be The Missing Link
abstractpaper.pdf Shari Prevost19S069
 Multivariable Calculus Projects
abstractpaper.pdf Antonio R. Quesada, Michael Smith, Michael Todd Edwards19S24A
 Are Textbooks Addressing All Accessible Topics Foundational To Calculus?
abstractpaper.pdf Marilyn Reba19S067
 Mobile Technology And Core College Math
abstractpaper.pdf Vladimir V. Riabov19C032
 Exploring Singular Differential Equations With Exponential Box-Schemes
abstractpaper.pdf Lila F. Roberts, Amy F. Kelley, Hugh A. Sanders19S043
 Integrating iPods And Podcasting Into Mathematics Instruction
abstractpaper.pdf Krishna K. Saha19C011
 Open Source Introduction To Statistics with R
abstractpaper.pdf Jay L. Schiffman19C023
 Employing The Voyage 200 To Explore Two Open Problems In Elementary Number Theory
 paper.pdf Dianna J. Spence19LS12
 Traditional And Online Student Reactions To The Video Tutor Component Of MyMathLab
abstractpaper.pdf Peter Staab19C013
 Linear Algebra And Linear Programming In A Finite Mathematics Course
abstractpaper.pdf Al Stickney19W005
 Differential Equations On The Voyage 200 And TI-89
abstractpaper.pdf David Szurley19C015
 Visualizing Linear Algebra Applications With Matlab
abstractpaper.pdf David A. Thomas, Cynthia Thomas19S076
 Analyzing Asynchronous Student Discourse In Web-Assisted Undergraduate Mathematics Courses
abstractpaper.pdf Alexander Vaninsky19C033
 Using Board Games Object-Oriented Programming For Teaching Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Somasundaram Velummylum19C018
 Exploring Solutions Of A Dynamical System With Maple
abstractpaper.pdf Shin Watanabe19S087
 The Topics Of Taylor Series With The TI-89