Author names beginning with the letter G

Michael E. Gage

abstractpaper.html Michael E. Gage, Arnold K. Pizer12P003
 WeBWorK - Math Homework on the Web

Randy Gallaher

 paper.pdf Randy Gallaher, Kevin Bodden26S138
 See You on the FLIP Side

Ryan Gantner

 paper.pdf Ryan Gantner27A018
 Smartpen Use for IBL Mathematics

Hortencia Garcia

abstractpaper.pdf Marsha Davis, Hortencia Garcia16S133
 Precalculus: Concepts in Context

Heather L. Garten

abstractpaper.pdf Heather L. Garten25S116
 Using Technology to Create Degree Specific Mathematic Courses
abstractpaper.pdf Heather L. Garten25A116
 The Class App: Surveying our Current Technology and How We Can Combine this Technology into a Single, Powerful Class App for Our Technology Drive, Multitasking Students

Aida C. Garza

abstractpaper.pdf Rohitha Goonatilake, Miguel San Miguel, Runchang Lin, Sofia C. Maldonado, Aida C. Garza28A016
 Assessing Core Curriculum in the Foundational Component Area of Mathematics For Undergraduate Research

Javier Garza

abstractpaper.pdf Javier Garza, Karl Havlak, Elisabeth Riggs, Peter White12C002
 Development of a Computer-Based College Algebra Course

Justin Gash

abstractpaper.pdf Justin Gash, Robert Talbert22C004
 Integrating Spreadsheets, Visualization Tools and Computational Knowledge Engines in a Liberal Arts Calculus Course

Christina Gawlik

abstractpaper.pdf Christina Gawlik26S116
 iPad Activities for Preservice K-12 Math Teachers
abstractpaper.pdf Christina Gawlik24S120
 Wii Math for the Middle School
abstractpaper.pdf Christina Gawlik25S082
 Engaging Students with Their iPad and iPhone Applications

Suzan Gazioglu

abstractpaper.pdf Suzan Gazioglu21S082
 Teaching Statistics Online - Logging in with Me

Lee R. Gibson

abstractpaper.pdf Lee R. Gibson20S113
 A Peer-learning Approach to Conceptual Understanding with Iclicker

Larry Gilligan

abstract  Darrell H. Abney, Chris Christensen, Larry Gilligan07P004
 Report on the NSF Institute Calculus Using Computer Algebra Systems

Alicia Giovinazzo

abstractpaper.html Alicia Giovinazzo16C006
 Teaching and Assessing Intermediate Algebra Students Online Using WebCTM

Nina R. Girard

abstractpaper.pdf Nina R. Girard15C009
 The Role of Graphing Calculators in Students' Approaches to Solving Calculus Problems
abstractpaper.pdf Nina R. Girard14C014
 Promoting Multiple Representations in Calculus: Examining Student Use of the Graphing Calculator

Steven J. Giust

abstractpaper.pdf Steven J. Giust, Cathleen M. Zucco08C032
 MINITAB and Critical Thinking Skills

Robert Goldman

abstractpaper.pdf Robert Goldman, John D. McKenzie, Jr.18C131
 Creating Realistic Data Sets with Specified Properties Via Simulation

Dianne Goldsby

abstractpaper.pdf G. Donald Allen, Dianne Goldsby, Sandra Nite28A004
 Testing Unfairness - Mathematics and Simulations
abstractpaper.pdf G. Donald Allen, Dianne Goldsby27A003
 Confusion Theory for Pedagogical Decisions
abstractpaper.pdf G. Donald Allen, Dianne S. Goldsby18S038
 Using Technology to Make New Assessment Instruments

Bahram Golshan

abstractpaper.html Bahram Golshan10P007
 Mathematics with Spreadsheets

Ramon Gomez

abstractpaper.pdf Ramon Gomez23S115
 Enhancing Statistics Courses for Psychology Students Using Technology Resources
abstractpaper.pdf Ramon Gomez22S115
 Using Technology in Introductory Statistics Courses
abstractpaper.pdf Ramon Gomez21C012
 Integrating Technology in a Statistics Course for a Special Program at Florida International University
 paper.pdf Ramon Gomez26C013
 Benefits of Using Technology Resources While Teaching the Chi-square Test for Independence/Dependence
 paper.pdf Ramon Gomez25C031
 Teaching The Two-Way Analysis Of Variance Using Technology Resources
abstractpaper.pdf Ramon Gomez24C031
 Teaching Business Statistics Courses Using an Interactive Approach Based on Technology Resources

Rohitha Goonatilake

abstractpaper.pdf Terutake Abe, Rohitha Goonatilake, Firooz Khosraviyani, Chihiro Oshima21C018
 What We Learned from Introducing Learning Software into a Classroom
abstractpaper.pdf Rohitha Goonatilake, Eduardo Chappa21C017
 Use of Software in College Mathematics Courses: A Glimpse of Two Project Initiatives
abstractpaper.pdf Rohitha Goonatilake, Miguel San Miguel, Runchang Lin, Sofia C. Maldonado, Aida C. Garza28A016
 Assessing Core Curriculum in the Foundational Component Area of Mathematics For Undergraduate Research

Florence S. Gordon

 paper.pdf Florence S. Gordon15S083
 What Students Learn: Math Modeling vs Traditional Precalculus

Sheldon P. Gordon

 paper.pdf Sheldon P. Gordon15S014
 Refocusing the Courses Below Calculus: A National Initiative

Ross M. Gosky

abstractpaper.pdf Brian Felkel, Ross M. Gosky24C004
 A Study of Reliability and Validity of the Felder-Soloman Index of Learning Styles for Business Students

Jeff Graham

abstractpaper.pdf Jeff Graham08C086
 Using Inverse Problems as Projects in a Differential Equations Course
abstractpaper.html Jeff Graham13C013
 Regression using Excel's Solver
abstractpaper.pdf Jeff Graham09C006
 Using Visual Basic to Create a Graphical User Interface for Matlab

Sidney Graham

abstract  Sidney Graham07P009
 An Advanced Mathematics Course Using Mathematica and TEX

Carrie E. A. Grant

abstractpaper.pdf Carrie E. A. Grant28A017
 Designing a Meaningful Final Project For an Introductory Statistics Course
abstractpaper.pdf Carrie E. A. Grant27A019
 Unveiling the Mysterious Meanings of Confidence Intervals Using the Statcrunch Plotter (and Other Applet Ideas)
abstractpaper.pdf Carrie E.A. Grant26S098
 Statcrunch Groups: Embedding Activities for Exploration and Assessment

Alfred Gray

abstract  Alfred Gray07P010

James Graziose

abstractpaper.pdf James Graziose25C032
 Is My Data Normal? Using Technology To Test For Normality

Sarah J. Greenwald

 paper.pdf Brian Felkel, Sarah J. Greenwald15S171
 Taking Full Advantage of Sketchpad 4 - Why You Can't Live Without It
abstractpaper.pdf Sarah J. Greenwald17S113
 Geometry of the Earth and Universe Computer Labs
abstractpaper.pdf Sarah J. Greenwald, Jill E. Thomley24S071
 Using the History of Mathematics Technology to Enrich the Classroom Learning Experience

John Gresham

abstractpaper.pdf Michael Warren, John Gresham, Bryant Watt28A040
 Real Polynomials with a Complex Twist

Harry Gretton

 paper.pdf Jeff Waldock, Harry Gretton, Neil Challis15S172
 Assessing MathSkills Using the Web: 100 Marks Are Not Enough!
abstractpaper.pdf Harry Gretton, Neil Challis16S123
 TI-Interactive - Getting Involved
abstractpaper.pdf Harry Gretton, Neil Challis16C038
abstractpaper.pdf Harry Gretton, Neil Challis12C099
 Assessment: Does the Punishment Fit the Crime?

Randall Groth

abstractpaper.pdf Lawrence M. Lesser, Randall Groth20S118
 Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Statistics

Mark Guerra

abstractpaper.pdf Mark Guerra, Frank Hughes, Gregor Novak, Brian Patterson, Frank Wattenberg25S032
 Using Satellite Orbits and Space Travel with Game-Quality Simulations in Math and Physics Classes from High School through College

Bruno Guerrieri

abstractpaper.pdf Bruno Guerrieri16S007
 Maple-based Algorithms for the Traveling Salesman Problem (Continuation)
abstractpaper.pdf Bruno Guerrieri13C039
 Use of a Colony of Cooperating Agents and Maple to Solve the Traveling Salesman Problem

Ananda D. Gunawardena

 paper.pdf Ananda D. Gunawardena, Surender K. Jain15S154
 An Adaptive Book Approach to Teaching and Learning Linear Algebra

David Gurney

abstractpaper.pdf David Gurney17C005
 Cobweb Diagrams in Excel
abstractpaper.pdf David Gurney24S117
 Creating Statistics Applets With GeoGebra

Dan Gustafson

abstractpaper.pdf James R. Olsen, Dan Gustafson18S005
 Using Internet Applets, GSP, and Other Representations to Increase Student Understanding of the Geometric Mean