Papers from ICTCM-25 arranged by first author

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abstractpaper.pdf G. Donald Allen, Sandra Nite, Michael S. Pilant, Jennifer Whitfield25S037
 Using a Math Placement Exam to Develop a Personalized Precalculus Program
abstractpaper.pdf G. Donald Allen, Sharon Sledge25S097
 The ICTCM: Teaching Portal to the 21st Century
abstractpaper.pdf John Bacon, Johann Thiel, Victor Trujillo, II, Frank Wattenberg25S145
 Using Undergraduate Mathematics and Consumer Level Cameras to Track the Flight of a 'Toy' Helicopter in 3 Dimensions
abstractpaper.pdf John R. Bacon, Thomas P. Kendall, Thomas Mussmann, Robert Palais, Victor E. Trujillo, II, Frank Wattenberg25S048
 Climate Science: Why Mathematicians Should Be Interested
abstractpaper.pdf John R. Bacon, Bryndol A. Sones, Johann Thiel, Victor E. Trujillo, II, Frank Wattenberg25M011
 Helicopters and Drones: Engaging Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Justice-Taylor Baker, Mary Rayappan25C022
 Explain Anything with Explain Everything
abstractpaper.pdf Ron Barnes, Linda Becerra, Nancy Leveille25C041
 Infusing Technology into a Variety of Math Courses
abstractpaper.pdf Julie Belock25S108
 Addressing Challenging Statistical Topics with Minitab
abstractpaper.pdf Przemyslaw Bogacki25C019
 Surface Integration Computer Activities in Multivariable Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf Barbara Boschmans, Brian Beaudrie25S120
 First Year Experience of a Large Course Redesign
abstractpaper.pdf Olga Caprotti, Johanna Ojalainen, Matti Pauna, Mika Seppälä25C025
 WEPS Peer Automatic Assessment in Online Math Courses
abstractpaper.pdf Leslie Chandrakantha25C030
 Simulating Chi-Square Test Using Excel
abstractpaper.pdf Elaine Clark, Francesca Bevilacqua25S079
 A Mathematical Collaboration Across the Atlantic
abstractpaper.pdf Richard Coultas25C008
 Using Computers to Explore Non-Repetitive Sequences
abstractpaper.pdf Ashleigh Craig, Theresa Scarnati25C021
 How MELD Scores Affect the Survival Rate of Liver Transplant Recipients
abstractpaper.pdf Barbara K. D'Ambrosia, Carl R. Spitznagel25C015
 MathJax: Seamless Mathematics on the Web
abstractpaper.pdf Marsha Davis, Pete Johnson25M015
 Minitab Projects in Introductory Statistics
abstractpaper.pdf Jessica A. de la Cruz25C018
 Enhancing Mathematics Teacher Education Courses Through the Use of Technology
abstractpaper.pdf John C. D. Diamantopoulos25S029
 Some Innovative Uses for the iPad Inside the Classroom and Out
abstractpaper.pdf Hamide Dogan25S077
 Cognitive Traits of Instructional Technology Linear Algebra
abstractpaper.pdf Douglas Ensley, Barbara Kaskosz25S064
 Mobile Math Apps: Innovative Smartphone Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Joseph Fadyn25C016
 Faster Square Roots Modulo a Prime on the TI-89
abstractpaper.pdf Rosemary Carroll Farley, Patrice Geary Tiffany25S086
 A Pilot Program Using an ebook and Online Homework in the Calculus Sequence
abstractpaper.pdf Joel Fowler25S046
 Further Explorations of the St. Petersburg Paradox with Maple
abstractpaper.pdf Joseph M. Furner, Carol A. Marinas25S125
 Learning Math Concepts in Your Environment Using Photography and Geogebra
abstractpaper.pdf Heather L. Garten25A116
 The Class App: Surveying our Current Technology and How We Can Combine this Technology into a Single, Powerful Class App for Our Technology Drive, Multitasking Students
abstractpaper.pdf Heather L. Garten25S116
 Using Technology to Create Degree Specific Mathematic Courses
abstractpaper.pdf Christina Gawlik25S082
 Engaging Students with Their iPad and iPhone Applications
 paper.pdf Ramon Gomez25C031
 Teaching The Two-Way Analysis Of Variance Using Technology Resources
abstractpaper.pdf James Graziose25C032
 Is My Data Normal? Using Technology To Test For Normality
abstractpaper.pdf Mark Guerra, Frank Hughes, Gregor Novak, Brian Patterson, Frank Wattenberg25S032
 Using Satellite Orbits and Space Travel with Game-Quality Simulations in Math and Physics Classes from High School through College
abstractpaper.pdf Laura Iossi25C037
 Redesigning Algebra Courses: From Implementation to Results
abstractpaper.pdf Michael Kaye, Yun Liu, Thao-Nhi Luu, Petal Sumner25S059
 Proof-of-Concept of an Augmented Reality Application in Developmental Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Rick Klima, Neil Sigmon25S014
 Using Maplets in Teaching Cryptology
abstractpaper.pdf Vicky W. Klima25S133
 Improving Communications Skills Through Student-Produced Videos
abstractpaper.pdf Mike May25S033
 An Introduction to WeBWorK
abstractpaper.pdf Vladimir V. Riabov25S132
 Exploring Mathematical Aspects of Algorithms for Challenging Topics in Numerical Analysis
abstractpaper.pdf Jay L. Schiffman25S114
 Number Theoretic Programs for the TI-89
abstractpaper.pdf Jay L. Schiffman25C045
 Using the TI-89 to Delve Deeper Into the Graphs of Polynomial Functions
abstractpaper.pdf Natalie Simmons25S085
 Using ALEKS in a Developmental Modularized Math Lab
abstractpaper.pdf Jay Villanueva25C040
 The Cyclotomic Equation and its Significance to Solving the Quintic Equation
abstractpaper.pdf Frank Wattenberg, Csilla Szabo25S081
 Agent-Based and Community, Modeling, Netlogo and the 2012 Presidential Election