Papers from ICTCM-22 arranged by first author

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abstractpaper.pdf Reza O. Abbasian, John T. Sieben22R006
 A Survey of the Use and Effectiveness of Technology Based Mathematics Instruction among Texas High School and Colleges and Universities
abstractpaper.pdf Alvina J. Atkinson, Barry D. Biddlecomb22C011
 Using an Online Learning System to Enhance Developmental Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Susan L. Beane22S047
 Increase Success and Retention in Your Class with Group Theory
abstractpaper.pdf J. Scott Billie, Michael Huber, Scott Nestler, Gabriel Costa22S096
 Simulating Rare Baseball Events Using Monte Carlo methods in Excel and R
abstractpaper.pdf William L. Blubaugh22S040
 Preparing Future Secondary Mathematics Teachers to Use Technology Effectively in Their Classrooms
abstractpaper.pdf Przemyslaw Bogacki22M005
 Exploring Normal Vectors in the Second Life Metaverse
abstractpaper.pdf Paul Bouthellier22S014
 Image Processing using Linear Algebra
abstractpaper.pdf Timothy D. Comar22S101
 Bringing Life (Science) to Calculus Through Computer Laboratory Projects
abstractpaper.pdf Barbara K. D'Ambrosia, Carl R. Spitznagel22S013
 GeoGebra: Dynamic Mathematics Made Easy
abstractpaper.pdf John C.D. Diamantopoulos22S066
 Using LATEX to Create Professional Mathematical Documents and Web Page Publication
abstractpaper.pdf Thomas P. Dick22S045
 Principles for Designing Action-Consequence Tools in Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf Karen Donnelly22M017
 Maple for Multivariate Calculus Laboratory Explorations and Student Projects
 paper.pdf John Ehrke22S001
 Course Blogs and the iPhone: Applications at All Levels of Undergraduate Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Kathryn Ernie, Erick Hofacker22S103
 The Art and Science of Designing Higher Level Clicker Questions
abstractpaper.pdf Joseph Fadyn22C014
 Solving Quadratic Congruences Modulo A Prime On The TI-89
abstractpaper.pdf Harshini Fernando22R005
 Statistical Thinking and Case Studies
abstractpaper.pdf Joel C. Fowler22S054
 Further Maple Explorations of Forbidden Patterns in Coin Tossing
abstractpaper.pdf William P. Fox22S070
 Game Theory and Optimization via Excel
 paper.pdf William P. Fox22S064
 Identifying People Wearing Wires for Detonation of IEDS
abstractpaper.pdf Justin Gash, Robert Talbert22C004
 Integrating Spreadsheets, Visualization Tools and Computational Knowledge Engines in a Liberal Arts Calculus Course
abstractpaper.pdf Ramon Gomez22S115
 Using Technology in Introductory Statistics Courses
abstractpaper.pdf Samer Habre22S102
 Dynamical Mathematics with Mathematica
abstractpaper.pdf Mako E. Haruta22S029
 An Overview of a Decade of WeBWorK Use in Precalculus and Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf Mako E. Haruta22S061
 Good Test Problems for Calculus Courses that Require the TI-89 Graphing Calculator
abstractpaper.pdf Adam O. Hausknecht22S118
 Scientific Computation 101
abstractpaper.pdf Erick Hofacker, Kathryn Ernie22S049
 Using Podcasts & Digital Ink to Enhance Mathematical Communication
 paper.pdf Scott K. Hyde22A001
 Teaching College Level Linear Algebra Using the R Programming Environment
abstractpaper.pdf Michael Jaye, Robert Burks22S080
 A Dynamical System Model of Information Operation Effects
abstractpaper.pdf A. Bathi Kasturiarachi22C030
 Learning Labs for Linear Algebra
abstractpaper.pdf Salvatrice F. Keating, Marsha Davis, Kim Ward22S055
 Exploratory Online Assessments of Collegiate Developmental Mathematics and Secondary Level Algebra Comprehension: A Pilot Initiative
abstractpaper.pdf Sarah L. Mabrouk22S058
 Discussing Mathematics Online
abstractpaper.pdf Sarah L. Mabrouk22M001
 Engaging Students in Math Discussions
abstractpaper.pdf Mike May22M012
 An Introduction to GeoGebra 3.2
abstractpaper.pdf Keith A. Nabb22R007
 CAS as a Restructing Tool in Mathematics Education
abstractpaper.pdf Chihiro Oshima22C008
 Integration of Learning Software into Introductory Level College Mathematics Courses
abstractpaper.pdf Dennis Pence22S006
 Polynomial Interpolation and Approximation on the TI-89
abstractpaper.pdf Markus Pomper22S046
 Using Animations to Visualize Abstract Concepts
abstractpaper.pdf Antonio R. Quesada, Andrew Cooper22S094
 The Impact of Technology and Dynamic Geometry Software on Fostering Discovery and Research at the Undergraduate Level, Some New Results
abstractpaper.pdf Douglas Quinney22S093
 The Role of E-Assessment in Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Jay L. Schiffman22S038
 Utilizing CAS Technolgy to Explore Factoring and Primality
abstractpaper.pdf Jay L. Schiffman22C025
 The Role Played by the TI-89 CAS in Resolving Divisibility Questions
abstractpaper.pdf Paul Seeburger22S069
 Dynamic Visualization Tools for Multivariable Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf Paul Seeburger22R003
 Verifying Surface Intersection Curves Visually
abstractpaper.pdf M. Vali Siadat, Euguenia Peterson, Cyrill Oseledets, Ming-Jer Wang, Guo Quan Zhang22S031
 Keystone Method: Integration of Methodology and Technology A Synergistic Model for Teaching and Learning
abstractpaper.pdf Blanca Evelia Flores Soto, Ana Guadalupe Del Castillo Bojorquez22S079
 Online Assessment with Maple T.A.: Sharing an Experience in Algebra
abstractpaper.pdf Hui Fang Huang 'Angie' Su, Carol A. Marinas, Joseph M. Furner22S016
 Discover Number Theory in Grades K-12 Using the Square Tool, An Interactive Java Tool
abstractpaper.pdf Joseph Sukta22S051
 Projects for Assessment in Gen. Ed. Math
abstractpaper.pdf David Szurley22S053
 Visualizing Mathematics Concepts with User Interfaces in Matlab
abstractpaper.pdf Richard Talbert22C006
 Teaching Matlab to a Non-Canonical Audience
abstractpaper.pdf Lisa Townsley22S003
 Uniform Assessment of Precalculus Skills Using WebAssign
abstractpaper.pdf Jay Villanueva22C029
 Direct Estimation of the Area of a Lake and 'Ground Truth' by GPS
abstractpaper.pdf Richard D. West22W003
 Discrete Dynamical Systems with the TI-Nspire CAS Part II
abstractpaper.pdf Taeil Yi, Jose Colon22C009
 eXe - Creating Dynamic Web Pages for Online Courses