Papers from ICTCM-8 arranged by first author

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abstractpaper.txt Martha L. Abell, James P. Braselton08C055
 A Modern Approach to Differential Equations
abstractpaper.txt Margo Alexander08C049
 College Algebra, Learning Support, and Technology: What is the connection?
abstractpaper.pdf Judith Aronow08C076
 Employee Scheduling Methods Using a Calculator
abstractpaper.pdf Charles Bare08C028
 Multiple Linear Regression Using the Matrix Capabilities of the TI-85
abstractpaper.pdf Susan Barton08C007
 Reluctant Reformers' Instructional Practice and Conceptions of Teaching Calculus When Using Supercalculators
abstractpaper.pdf Oliver Y. Chen08C006
 A Comparison of Pivoting Strategies for the Direct LU Factorization
abstractpaper.pdf Juan C. De Lemos, Alex Pelin, Jose Quiroz08C017
 The Relationship Between Learning Styles and the Computer-Based System Precalc
abstractpaper.pdf John J. Edgell, Michael J. Brown08C092
 Graphics Calculator Applications to Maximum and Minimum Problems on Geometric Constructs
abstractpaper.pdf Neil Eklund08C091
 Modeling with the TI-85
abstractpaper.pdf Steven J. Giust, Cathleen M. Zucco08C032
 MINITAB and Critical Thinking Skills
abstractpaper.pdf Jeff Graham08C086
 Using Inverse Problems as Projects in a Differential Equations Course
abstractpaper.pdf Gary A. Harris08C087
 A Comparative Technology Course For the Prospective Elementary School Teacher
abstractpaper.pdf Ronald J. Harshbarger08C085
 Training In-service and Pre-service Teachers in the Use of Technology
abstractpaper.txt Russell J. Hendel08C039
 Calculus Remediation Using Databases
abstractpaper.pdf Alan Horwitz08C035
 Using MATHEMATICA to Prove and Animate a Property of Cubic Polynomials
abstractpaper.pdf Richard D. Jarvinen08C078
 Mathematical Analysis on the HP-48
abstractpaper.pdf Dovie Kimmins08C089
 Technology in School Mathematics: A Course for Prospective Secondary Mathematics Teachers
abstractpaper.pdf Robert Kreczner08C011
 An Interesting Problem From Calculus and Much More
abstractpaper.pdf Robert A. Leslie08C030
 Exploring the Gini Index of Inequality with Derive
abstractpaper.pdf Raj K. Markanda08C044
 Matlab and Linear Systems
abstractpaper.pdf Tabitha T. Mingus08C004
 Explorations in Linear Algebra Using Group Work and Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Sandra Monteferrante08C073
 Blueprint for Technology Implementation
abstractpaper.txt Bruce Pollack-Johnson, Audrey Borchardt08C045
 Using the TI-82 and Spreadsheets in a 1st-Year Math Course for Business and Social Science
abstractpaper.html John F. Putz08C016
 The CAS in Multivariable Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf Scott P. Randby08C095
 Using the TI-82 and TI-85 Graphing Calculators to Learn About Angles
abstractpaper.pdf Therese Shelton08C033
 Reducing Tedium in Teaching and Learning
abstractpaper.pdf Mark R. Treuden08C096
 Napoleon-Like Properties of Spherical Triangles
abstractpaper.pdf Michael L. Treuden08C031
 A Cupful of Limacons
abstractpaper.pdf Thomas G. Wangler08C059
 Paradigm Lost: A Modern Approach to Teaching Ordinary Differential Equations
abstractpaper.pdf Darlene Wu08C052
 Some Examples on Using Maple to Increase Students' Understanding of Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf Mingzhi Xu08C037
 Using Graphing Calculators to Motivate Students in a Calculus Course
abstractpaper.pdf Wei-Chi Yang08C088
 Examples in Advanced Calculus and Scientific Workplace
abstractpaper.pdf Wei-Chi Yang, Myungsuk Chung08C056
 Examples from Calculus with Scientific Workplace