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abstractpaper.pdf Reza O. Abbasian, John T. Sieben21S055
 Use of Technology in Undergraduate Research
abstractpaper.pdf Reza O. Abbasian, John T. Sieben28A001
 Commercial Versus Free On-line CAS Systems: Compare and Contrast
abstract  Darrell H. Abney, Chris Christensen, Larry Gilligan07P004
 Report on the NSF Institute Calculus Using Computer Algebra Systems
 paper.pdf Tilak de Alwis15S085
 Computer Algebra Systems in Mathematics Education - Computation and Visualization
abstractpaper.pdf Jaime Carvalho e Silva07C008
 Understanding Exponential Growth with Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Ana Guadalupe Del Castillo Bojorquez17S098
 Designing Learning Activities With Dynamic Geometry And Computer Algebra Systems: The Ellipse Case
abstractpaper.html Beth L. Chance09C014
 Incorporating Laboratory Activities into Statistics Courses
abstractpaper.pdf Barbara K. D'Ambrosia, Carl R. Spitznagel21S069
 Using the TI-Nspire CAS Software as a Classroom Demonstration Tool
 paper.pdf A. Darai01A142
 Teaching Calculus with Macsyma
 paper.pdf J. S. Devitt01A012
 Adapting the Maple Computer Algebra System to the Mathematics Curriculum
abstractpaper.pdf John C. D. Diamantopoulos25S029
 Some Innovative Uses for the iPad Inside the Classroom and Out
 paper.pdf John C. D. Diamantopoulos28A012
 Need a Graphing Calculator/CAS App? You're in the Right Place!
abstractpaper.pdf Thomas P. Dick22S045
 Principles for Designing Action-Consequence Tools in Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf Thomas P. Dick, Lewis Lum20W002
 TI-Nspire CAS - Making Microworlds
abstractpaper.pdf Michael Todd Edwards, Asli Ozgun-Koca, Michael Meagher20W015
 Podcasting Rich Problems with TI-Nspire CAS
abstractpaper.pdf Jeff Graham09C006
 Using Visual Basic to Create a Graphical User Interface for Matlab
abstractpaper.pdf Ronald J. Harshbarger08C085
 Training In-service and Pre-service Teachers in the Use of Technology
abstractpaper.pdf M. R. S. Kulenovic, Orlando Merino19S096
 Generating Undergraduate Research Problems In Difference Equations With Computer Algebra
abstractpaper.pdf James Kulich07C014
 Secondary School Technology Mentors
abstractpaper.pdf Edmund A. Lamagna16S047
 Exploring Euclid's Algorithm for Fun and Profit
abstract  Edmund A. Lamagna07P012
 NEWTON: A Computational Environment for Exploring Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Edmund A. Lamagna, William C. Bauldry, J. Douglas Child, Wade Ellis16S009
 Computer Algebra in the Classroom: Promises, Perils, and Pedagogical Perspectives
abstractpaper.pdf Anthony P. Leclerc07C024
 Should We Be Concerned About Roundoff Error?
abstractpaper.html Teri J. Murphy12C026
 Recognizing a Surface From Different Viewpoints: Results From a Questionnaire Item and Task-Based Interviews
abstractpaper.pdf Keith A. Nabb22R007
 CAS as a Restructing Tool in Mathematics Education
 paper.pdf Arnold Ostebee01A223
 Using Numerical and Graphical Techniques to Teach Infinite Series
 paper.pdf Jeanette Palmiter01A068
 Using Computer Algebra Systems in Calculus
abstractpaper.html John F. Putz08C016
 The CAS in Multivariable Calculus
 paper.pdf James Quinlan28A031
 SAGE Math Cloud: Mathematics in the Cloud
abstractpaper.pdf Ana I. Rosendo, Jaime Carvalho e Silva07C015
 Computers in Mathematics Education - An Experience
abstractpaper.pdf Jay L. Schiffman22S038
 Utilizing CAS Technolgy to Explore Factoring and Primality
abstractpaper.pdf Jay L. Schiffman22C025
 The Role Played by the TI-89 CAS in Resolving Divisibility Questions
abstractpaper.pdf Jay L. Schiffman21C005
 Utilizing CAS Technology to Enhance Students Understanding of the Collatz Problem
abstractpaper.pdf Jay L. Schiffman21W004
 Exploring Several Open Problems in Elementary Number Theory with CAS Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Karsten Schmidt, Wolfgang Moldenhauer17S033
 Using CAS Technology in Math Education - Assessment and Survey Results
abstractpaper.pdf G. T. Springer23W003
 Towards a Pedagogical CAS
abstractpaper.pdf Barry Tesman17C023
 Modeling Projects for Student Investigation
 paper.pdf Patrice Geary Tiffany, Rosemary Carroll Farley15S007
 Lessons Learned: A Decade Using a Computer Algebra System, Five Years Using Course Management Systems
abstractpaper.pdf Bob Tilidetzke07C004
 CAI in Precalculus
abstractpaper.pdf Mark R. Treuden08C096
 Napoleon-Like Properties of Spherical Triangles
abstractpaper.pdf Michael L. Treuden08C031
 A Cupful of Limacons
abstractpaper.html Charles B. Wakefield10C007
 Velocity Profile of a Particle Moving on an Irregular Pathway With Friction Using a Computer Algebra System
abstract  Richard D. West, Joseph D. Myers07P025
 Interdisciplinary Lively Applications Projects (ILAPs) Bringing Relevance to Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Elizabeth Yanik07C023
 Coffee, Tea, or Not? A Model Based on Newton's Law of Cooling
 paper.pdf Paul Zorn01A092
 Algebraic, Graphical, and Numerical Computing in Elementary Calculus: Report of a Project at St. Olaf College