Author names beginning with the letter L

Michael Lachance

abstractpaper.pdf Bruce Elenbogen, David A. James, Michael Lachance13C017
 A Spiral Approach to Problems in Linear Algebra: Computer Laboratories
abstractpaper.pdf Bruce Elenbogen, David A. James, Michael Lachance12C007
 Visual Linear Algebra: Web-Based Exploration Applets

Edmund A. Lamagna

 paper.pdf Edmund A. Lamagna15S043
 What Your Eighth Grade Teacher Never Told You About Factoring
abstractpaper.pdf Edmund A. Lamagna, William C. Bauldry, J. Douglas Child, Wade Ellis16S009
 Computer Algebra in the Classroom: Promises, Perils, and Pedagogical Perspectives
abstractpaper.pdf Edmund A. Lamagna16S047
 Exploring Euclid's Algorithm for Fun and Profit
abstract  Edmund A. Lamagna07P012
 NEWTON: A Computational Environment for Exploring Mathematics

Jean Lane

abstract  Jean Lane07P013
 Calculator Enhanced Instruction Project by a Consortium of New Jersey and Pennsylvania Educational Institutions

M. Paul Latiolais

abstractpaper.pdf Joyce O'Halloran, M. Paul Latiolais23C015
 Hybrid Mathematics Courses for Incarcerated Youth

Kouok Law

 paper.pdf Kouok Law, Enefiok Umana15S006
 The Basics of Mathematica for the First-Year Calculus Students

Gary M. Lawler

abstractpaper.pdf Gary M. Lawler10C026
 Using Toolbook II to Create Graphing Calculator Instruction

Anthony P. Leclerc

abstractpaper.pdf Anthony P. Leclerc07C024
 Should We Be Concerned About Roundoff Error?

Christine Heinecke Lehmann

abstractpaper.pdf Christine Heinecke Lehmann20C028
 Taking the Plunge, One Foot at a Time

Joel P. Lehmann

abstractpaper.pdf Joel P. Lehmann, Christine Heinecke Lehmann21S014
 Thinking Outside the DiffEq Box
abstractpaper.pdf Joel P. Lehmann20C029
 Mathematical Laboratory Experience: Value Added, Not Just an Add-on
abstractpaper.pdf Joel P. Lehmann18C006
 Calculus Computer Laboratory: Experience Guiding Current Practice

Steve Leigh

abstractpaper.pdf Ken S. Li, Steve Leigh, Randall G. Wills09C012
 Computer Technology and Problem Solving

Roy B. Leipnik

abstractpaper.pdf Roy B. Leipnik, Troy T. Reid09C023
 Multivariable Faa di Bruno Formulas

Susan Lenker

abstract  Susan Lenker, Dorothy Anway, Susan McLoughlin07P014
 Sensitivity Analysis and Linear Programming Using MAPLE, DERIVE, and the TI-82

Robert A. Leslie

abstractpaper.pdf Robert A. Leslie08C030
 Exploring the Gini Index of Inequality with Derive

Lawrence M. Lesser

abstractpaper.pdf Lawrence M. Lesser, Randall Groth20S118
 Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Statistics
abstractpaper.pdf Lawrence M. Lesser13C010
 Enlightening the Black Box: Technology Motivating Mathematics

Nancy Leveille

abstractpaper.pdf Nancy Leveille, Ron Barnes21R001
 Experiences in Business Statistics Courses with a Classroom Response System: Clickers
abstractpaper.pdf Nancy Leveille20S047
 Choosing an On-line Homework Delivery System: Improving Pass Rates Through Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Ron Barnes, Linda Becerra, Nancy Leveille25C041
 Infusing Technology into a Variety of Math Courses

Lawrence E. Levine

 paper.pdf Lawrence E. Levine15P104
 Using Technology to Enhance the Classroom Environment in State of the Art Classroom

Jonathan Lewin

abstractpaper.pdf Jonathan Lewin20S097
 Creating Course Material in the Form of On-screen Documents and Videos

Ken S. Li

abstractpaper.pdf Ken S. Li, Steve Leigh, Randall G. Wills09C012
 Computer Technology and Problem Solving

Steve Ligh

abstractpaper.pdf Steve Ligh, Randall G. Wills07C030
 Families of Linear Functions and Their Envelopes
abstractpaper.pdf David Fung, Steve Ligh07C026
 Trigonometric Representation of [x]

Auxencia A. Limjap

abstractpaper.pdf Auxencia A. Limjap12C030
 Issues on Problem Solving: Drawing Implications For a Techno-Mathematics Curriculum at the Collegiate Level

Runchang Lin

abstractpaper.pdf Rohitha Goonatilake, Miguel San Miguel, Runchang Lin, Sofia C. Maldonado, Aida C. Garza28A016
 Assessing Core Curriculum in the Foundational Component Area of Mathematics For Undergraduate Research

Lisa A. Lister

abstractpaper.pdf Lisa A. Lister21S107
 Why Did You Cut Your Couch in Half?
abstractpaper.pdf Lisa A. Lister, John Polhill17C036
 A Precalculus Experiment
 paper.pdf Lisa A. Lister, Yixun Shi15S150
 Computing for Secondary Education Mathematics Majors
abstractpaper.pdf Curt Jones, Lisa A. Lister, John Polhill16S031
 Recruiting Students in Computer Science and Mathematics through High School Programming and Mathematics Contests

Richard E. Little

abstractpaper.html Richard E. Little07C005
 Using a Calculator to Do mathematics: Do You Want a Map or Just Directions?

Yun Liu

abstractpaper.pdf Michael Kaye, Yun Liu, Thao-Nhi Luu, Petal Sumner25S059
 Proof-of-Concept of an Augmented Reality Application in Developmental Mathematics

Angela Lively

abstractpaper.pdf Alvina J. Atkinson, Lee Ann Roberts, Aris B. Winger, Angela Lively, Sarah H. Park27A004
 Access Algebra: Meeting The Needs of Under-prepared College Algebra Students Just-in-time

Thomas LoFaro

abstractpaper.html Thomas LoFaro, Kevin Cooper09P011
 IDEA: Internet Differential Equations Activities

David O. Lomen

abstractpaper.pdf David O. Lomen, Maria K. Robinson16S107
 Using ConcepTests in Single and Multivariable Calculus

Seu-Kea Lua

abstractpaper.html Seu-Kea Lua, Wai-Har S. Wong09C005
 Scientific WorkPlace as a Tool to Evaluate Definite Integral using Trapezoidal Rule

Lewis D. Ludwig

abstractpaper.pdf Keith Howard, Lewis D. Ludwig16S067
 Hand-on Learning in Calculus via Maplets-based Projects

Gabriel Lugo

abstractpaper.pdf Russell Herman, Gabriel Lugo21S058
 Adventures in 3D Modeling Using VP ython
 paper.pdf Russell Herman, Gabriel Lugo15S109
 Inverse Problems for Vibrating Beams
 paper.pdf Russell Herman, Gabriel Lugo15S048
 Mathematics on Pocket PC's
abstractpaper.pdf Russell Herman, Gabriel Lugo20S062
 Open Source Resources for Teaching and Research in Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Gabriel Lugo, Russell Herman18S050
 Tablet PCs in Mathematics: VLC Project
abstractpaper.pdf Russell Herman, Gabriel Lugo19S001
 iPods: Reducing Mathematics To Sound/Video Bytes

Lewis Lum

abstractpaper.pdf Thomas P. Dick, Lewis Lum20W002
 TI-Nspire CAS - Making Microworlds

Thao-Nhi Luu

abstractpaper.pdf Michael Kaye, Yun Liu, Thao-Nhi Luu, Petal Sumner25S059
 Proof-of-Concept of an Augmented Reality Application in Developmental Mathematics

Rebecca Lyle

abstractpaper.pdf Linda Braddy, Mike Duggan, Anne Fine, Elizabeth Keiffer, Rebecca Lyle17S048
 How To Turn Math Duds Into Math Studs

Irina Lyublinskaya

abstractpaper.pdf Irina Lyublinskaya19C009
 In Search Of Logistic Curve - Activities For Your Students From Algebra To Calculus