Papers from ICTCM-15 arranged by first author

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 paper.pdf Sergei Abramovich, Andrew Brantlinger15S142
 Linking Numeric and Geometric Representations of Number Theory Concepts in a Spreadsheet Environment
 paper.pdf Margo Alexander, Jean Bevis, Draga Vidakovic15S117
 Developing Assessment Items Using WebCT
 paper.pdf G. Donald Allen15S103
 Using Flash to Teach Mathematics
 paper.pdf Tilak de Alwis15S085
 Computer Algebra Systems in Mathematics Education - Computation and Visualization
 paper.pdf Brigitta Aspetsberger, Klaus Aspetsberger15S041
 Technology in Pre- and In-service Math and Science Teacher Training Emphasizing Cross Curriculum Teaching
 paper.pdf Lora Billings, Gideon Weinstein15S037
 Survey of Multimedia Enhancements for Calculus
 paper.pdf David A. Buhl15S184
 Mathematical Modeling in a Secondary Mathematics Preservice Course
abstractpaper.pdf Maria E. Calzada, Stephen M. Scariano15C022
 Visual EDFSoftware to Check the Normality Assumption
 paper.pdf Stan Chadick, Kathleen Chadick15S046
 Concept Mapping and Calculators, Facilitating the Big Ideas
 paper.pdf Steve Chapin, Todd Young15S107
 A Simple Approach to Technology in Calculus
 paper.pdf J. Douglas Child15S112
 Black Box and White Box CAS in Calculus
 paper.pdf Jeff Clark15S133
 Preparing Documents for Print, HTML, and PDF
abstractpaper.pdf Crista Coles15C065
 Numerical Animation Using Mathematica
 paper.pdf Timothy D. Comar15S010
 Visualization of Mobius Transformations in Two and Three Dimensions Using a CAS
 paper.pdf Timothy D. Comar15S145
 Technology-Enhanced Projects in an Upper-Level Modern Geometry Class
 paper.pdf Kevin Cooper15S059
 Prefabricated Mathematical Flash Movie Clips
 paper.pdf Barbara K. D'Ambrosia, Carl R. Spitznagel15S012
 Mathematical Animations for your Web Pages
 paper.pdf Alan Davies, Diane Crann15S054
 If Newton Had a Spreadsheet Would He Have Developed Calculus?
 paper.pdf Robert Devaney15A001
 The Dynamical Systems and Technology Project
abstractpaper.pdf Ranel E. Erickson15C059
 Systematic Formulation of Mathematical Word Problems Involving Units
 paper.pdf Jane Evans Gower15S057
 Swing, Pendulum, Swing
 paper.pdf Joseph Fadyn15S134
 More Structured Maple Projects for Differential Equations
 paper.pdf Brian Felkel, Sarah J. Greenwald15S171
 Taking Full Advantage of Sketchpad 4 - Why You Can't Live Without It
 paper.pdf Jose D. Flores15S028
 Animations: A Teaching Tool for Multivariable Calculus
 paper.pdf William P. Fox15S131
 Modeling and Applications with LaGrange Multipliers using MAPLE
 paper.pdf William P. Fox, Richard D. West15W005
 Modeling and Applications in Numerical Analysis
abstractpaper.pdf Nina R. Girard15C009
 The Role of Graphing Calculators in Students' Approaches to Solving Calculus Problems
 paper.pdf Florence S. Gordon15S083
 What Students Learn: Math Modeling vs Traditional Precalculus
 paper.pdf Sheldon P. Gordon15S014
 Refocusing the Courses Below Calculus: A National Initiative
 paper.pdf Ananda D. Gunawardena, Surender K. Jain15S154
 An Adaptive Book Approach to Teaching and Learning Linear Algebra
abstractpaper.pdf Sudan Hansraj15C060
 The Development of problem Solving Ability in Post-Apartheid South Africa
abstractpaper.html Russell J. Hendel15C001
 Converting Lecture Preps to Polished Web Slides
 paper.pdf Russell Herman, Gabriel Lugo15S048
 Mathematics on Pocket PC's
 paper.pdf Russell Herman, Gabriel Lugo15S109
 Inverse Problems for Vibrating Beams
abstractpaper.html David R. Hill, Lila F. Roberts15P013
 Demos with Positive Impact: A Project to Connect Mathematics Instructors with Effective Teaching Tools
 paper.pdf David R. Hill, Lila F. Roberts15S029
 Let the Pictures Tell the Story: Visualizations for Mathematics Instruction
 paper.pdf Jean M. Horn, Toni Robertson, Paul K. Horn15W007
 Discrete Mathematics with the TI-89
abstractpaper.pdf Jerry Johnson15C056
 A Comprehensive Online Mathematics Assessment, Placement and Exit Testing Program
 paper.pdf Lucy Kabza, Randy Wills15S032
 Integrating the Cassiopeia into the Mathematics Curriculum
 paper.pdf Harvey B. Keynes, Andrea M. Olson15S182
 The Design of Silent Tutor Homework Hints - A Technological Teaching Assistant
 paper.pdf Robert E. Kowalczyk, Adam O. Hausknecht15S079
 Energize Your Math Classes with Mathematical Models
 paper.pdf Richard Kuntz15S097
 On-Line Resources Supporting PSI (Keller Plan) Instruction in Remedial Mathematics and Algebra
 paper.pdf Edmund A. Lamagna15S043
 What Your Eighth Grade Teacher Never Told You About Factoring
 paper.pdf Kouok Law, Enefiok Umana15S006
 The Basics of Mathematica for the First-Year Calculus Students
 paper.pdf Lawrence E. Levine15P104
 Using Technology to Enhance the Classroom Environment in State of the Art Classroom
 paper.pdf Lisa A. Lister, Yixun Shi15S150
 Computing for Secondary Education Mathematics Majors
 paper.pdf Sarah L. Mabrouk15S067
 Web Page Design and Organization Considerations
 paper.pdf Carol A. Marinas15S049
 10 Steps to Blackboard Success
 paper.pdf Mary B. Martin, Dovie L. Kimmins15M011
 Technology Tools for Displaying Mathematics and Graphics
 paper.pdf Bob Mathews15S181
 Tools and Techniques for Your Math on the Web Project
 paper.pdf Coreen L. Mett15S080
 WeBWorK - Internet Delivery of Homework in College Algebra
 paper.pdf Beverly K. Michael15S036
 Comparing On-Line Tutoring-Testing Programs for College Algebra
 paper.pdf John C. Miller15S108
 Intelligent Help at Every Step: Critically Important, Not Difficult, Yet Surprisingly Rare
 paper.pdf John C. Nardo15S127
 Energizing Multivariable Calculus via Maple
 paper.pdf Carol M. Nessmith, Pamela C. Watkins15S023
 Linked Courses: The Logistics and Implementation of a Linked College Algebra and Web-Based Lab
abstractpaper.pdf Brian R. O'Callaghan15C019
 Fractals for the Classroom on Calculators and Computers
 paper.pdf Mike O'Leary, Shiva Azadegan15S175
 Developing Computer Simulations Using Object-Oriented Programming. The Three-Body Problem: A Case Study
 paper.pdf James R. Olsen15M11A
 Mathematics Internet Resources
 paper.pdf Judy O'Neal15S002
 Remodeling Classic Calculus Concepts
 paper.pdf John W. Perram, Morten Andersen15S098
 Dynamical Systems Using MATHEMATICA
abstractpaper.pdf Fred Peskoff, Dale Siegel15P016
 Psychology Meets Technology: Examining the Ingredients of Successful Learning
 paper.pdf Nancy J. Priselac, Stephen M. Priselac15S100
 Precalculus: Discover the Power of Web-Enhancement Within an Interactive Video Course
 paper.pdf Laura J. Pyzdrowski, Anthony S. Pyzdrowski15S136
 A WebCT Enhanced Course for High School Students
 paper.pdf Antonio R. Quesada15S105
 On Teaching Limits Using Handheld Technology
 paper.pdf William H. Richardson15S072
 Using MAPLE's Student Package to Explore Definite Integrals and Numerical Integration
 paper.pdf Thomas Rutenkroger15S72A
 Elementary Mathematical Models for Guitar Fret Placement
 paper.pdf Reza Sarhangi15S076
 Mathematics Instructional Technology and College Geometry
 paper.pdf Stephen M. Scariano, Maria E. Calzada15S055
 Technological Tools for Contrasting the Ordinary and Total Least Squares Methods
 paper.pdf Karsten Schmidt15S051
 Do Math Skills Improve with the Use of the TI-89? A School Project Report
abstractpaper.pdf Lawrence Sher, Patricia Wilkinson15C008
 Calculator Animations for Students' Mathematics Research
abstractpaper.pdf Dale Siegel, Fred Peskoff15P017
 Maple for Applications of Linear Algebra
 paper.pdf Lon Smith, Elizabeth Turner Smith, Jane Wampler15S187
 An Economical Approach to Developing and Distributing Course Videos Through the Internet
 paper.pdf D. P. Story15S060
 The AcroTeX Education Bundle
abstractpaper.html Nora Strasser15P014
 Using a Companion Web Site to Enhance Learning in a Numerical Methods Course
abstractpaper.html Nora Strasser15C003
 Developing Streaming Audio Lectures for Online Courses
 paper.pdf Allan Struthers15S066
 Quantitative Math Modeling and Experiments
 paper.pdf Che-yin Suen, Dennis Kwok-wing Tam15S062
 The Comparison of 'Hot Quiz', a Newly Developed Authoring Tool, with Scientific Notebook
 paper.pdf David A. Thomas15M013
 A Geometer's Toolkit
 paper.pdf Patrice Geary Tiffany, Rosemary Carroll Farley15S007
 Lessons Learned: A Decade Using a Computer Algebra System, Five Years Using Course Management Systems
abstractpaper.pdf Bob Tilidetzke15C037
 Influencing the Preparation of Teachers
 paper.pdf Dan Van Peursem15S042
 Intermediate Algebra 'A Gateway/Mastery Approach Using SCIENTIFIC NOTEBOOK's Exam Builder'
 paper.pdf Jeff Waldock, Harry Gretton, Neil Challis15S172
 Assessing MathSkills Using the Web: 100 Marks Are Not Enough!
 paper.pdf Thomas G. Wangler15S092
 Using DERIVE to Help Survive in Multivariable Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf Steven Wicker15P011
 Posting Math to the Web Using Tools on the Wake Forest Standard Load
 paper.pdf Michael Wismer15S073
 Integrating Instructional Technology Into Elementary Teacher Preparation
 paper.pdf Kenneth C. Wolff15W006
 Introduction to Computer Animation with your TI-83 Plus
 paper.pdf De Ting Wu15S088
 Teaching Numerical Analysis with Mathcad
abstractpaper.html Vivian J. Zabrocki15C011
 Let Me Show You How: Graphing Calculators Online
abstractpaper.pdf Thomas M. Zachariah15C061
 A Report on an Online Course for Non-science Majors