Papers from ICTCM-24 arranged by first author

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abstractpaper.pdf William L. Blubaugh24S064
 Preparing Preservice Math Teachers to Teach with Today's Technology: Keeping Them Up to Date
abstractpaper.pdf Paul Bouthellier24S070
 Mathematical Modeling: The Four Seasons
abstractpaper.pdf Sandra T. Browning, Jana M. Willis24S080
 Introduction to Mathematics Manipulatives: Preservice Teachers Create Digital Stories Illustrating Types and Application of Manipulatives
abstractpaper.pdf Leslie Chandrakantha24C038
 Resampling Using Excel in Teaching Statistics
abstractpaper.pdf Timothy D. Comar24S126
 Class Projects Using MATLAB to Analyze Models Using Impulsive Differential Equations
abstractpaper.pdf Barbara K. D'Ambrosia, Carl R. Spitznagel24S021
 Creating Calculus Demos with GeoGebra 4
abstractpaper.pdf Joseph Fadyn24C014
 Solving Quartic Congruences Modulo a Prime On the TI-89
abstractpaper.pdf Brian Felkel, Ross M. Gosky24C004
 A Study of Reliability and Validity of the Felder-Soloman Index of Learning Styles for Business Students
abstractpaper.pdf Harshini Fernando, Susitha Karunaratne24C024
 Teaching an Undergraduate Statistics Class with Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Joel C. Fowler24S085
 Investigating the St. Petersburg Paradox with Maple
abstractpaper.pdf Edgar Fuller, Jessica Deshler, Betsy Kuhn, Doug Squire24L011
 Developmental Student Success in Courses from College Algebra to Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf Joseph M. Furner, Carol A. Marinas24S112
 Connecting Geometry, Measurement, and Algebra using GeoGebra for the Elementary Grades
abstractpaper.pdf Christina Gawlik24S120
 Wii Math for the Middle School
abstractpaper.pdf Ramon Gomez24C031
 Teaching Business Statistics Courses Using an Interactive Approach Based on Technology Resources
abstractpaper.pdf Sarah J. Greenwald, Jill E. Thomley24S071
 Using the History of Mathematics Technology to Enrich the Classroom Learning Experience
abstractpaper.pdf David Gurney24S117
 Creating Statistics Applets With GeoGebra
abstractpaper.pdf Laurie Huffman24C045
 Using Technology to Support the Transition to a Project-based Statistics Course
abstractpaper.pdf Marian Kemp24S88A
 The Development Of Online Numeracy Modules for First Year Undergraduate Students at an Australian University
abstractpaper.pdf Barry Kissane, Andrew McConney24S96A
 An Australian Initiative to Improve Students' Engagement in Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Rick Klima, Neil Sigmon24S094
 Using Graphs to Break Vigenere Ciphers
abstractpaper.pdf Sarah L. Mabrouk24S065
 Twitter-ing Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Mike May24M005
 New Features in GeoGebra 4.0
abstractpaper.pdf David Miller24C041
 Illustrating the Extension of a Special Property of Cubic Polynomials to Nth Degree Polynomials
abstractpaper.pdf Sandra B. Nite, G. Donald Allen, Sharon Sledge24S103
 Retention Through Remediation: Enhancing Calculus I Issues
abstractpaper.pdf Katrina Palmer24S118
 Using SmartPens to Facilitate Math Communication Online
abstractpaper.pdf Markus Pomper24S010
 An Entire Math Degree Online
abstractpaper.pdf Antonio R. Quesada, Laurie A. Dunlap24A104
 The Preparation of Secondary Pre-service Mathematics Teachers on the Integration of Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Jay L. Schiffman24C027
 Exploring the Fibonacci Sequence Of Order Two With CAS Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Dianna J. Spence, Brad Bailey24C035
 Technology-rich Projects in Elementary Statistics
abstractpaper.pdf Nora Strasser24S060
 Student Exploration Activities Using Mathematica
abstractpaper.pdf Francesco Strazzullo24C07A
 Experimenting Learning Systems in Course Redesign
abstractpaper.pdf Lisa Townsley24M010
 High Stakes Testing Using WebAssign
abstractpaper.pdf Gustavo Valencia, Taeil Yi24C042
 True Exploration and Visualization of Geometry with Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Jay Villanueva24C036
 On the Casus Irreducibilis of Solving the Cubic Equation
abstractpaper.pdf Marwan Zabdawi24C039
 Strategy for Graphing Polynomials and Rational Functions