Author names beginning with the letter J

Keshav Jagannathan

 paper.pdf Lindsey Bell, Keshav Jagannathan27A007
 Regression Outliers and Influential Observations Using Fathom
 paper.pdf Lindsey Bell, Keshav Jagannathan27A006
 Introducing R in an Applied Statistics Course for Nonmajors

Surender K. Jain

 paper.pdf Ananda D. Gunawardena, Surender K. Jain15S154
 An Adaptive Book Approach to Teaching and Learning Linear Algebra

Mohamed I. Jamaloodeen

abstractpaper.pdf Mohamed I. Jamaloodeen26S064
 Scientific Computing and Programming in the Cloud Using Open Source Platforms: An Illustration Using Weighted Voting Systems

David A. James

abstractpaper.pdf Bruce Elenbogen, David A. James, Michael Lachance13C017
 A Spiral Approach to Problems in Linear Algebra: Computer Laboratories
abstractpaper.pdf Bruce Elenbogen, David A. James, Michael Lachance12C007
 Visual Linear Algebra: Web-Based Exploration Applets
abstractpaper.html David A. James, Tim McKenna, Ronald Morash, Joan Remski11C039
 Using Technology to Facilitate Student Access to Mathematics Programs
 paper.pdf John Frederick Fink, Margret Hoeft, David A. James01A162
 Computers-in-Calculus: an Experiment at the University of Michigan-Dearborn

Margaret James

abstractpaper.pdf Margaret James, Phillip Kent, Phil Ramsden10P008
 TangentField: A tool for 'webbing' the learning of differential equations

Richard D. Jarvinen

abstractpaper.pdf Judith Aronow, Richard D. Jarvinen07C034
 Sensitivity Analysis in Linear Programming Using a Calculator
abstractpaper.pdf Richard D. Jarvinen08C078
 Mathematical Analysis on the HP-48

Michael Jaye

abstractpaper.pdf Michael Jaye, Robert Burks22S080
 A Dynamical System Model of Information Operation Effects

Katarina Jegdic

abstractpaper.pdf Katarina Jegdic23C013
 Teaching Partial Differential Equations Using Technology

Richard Jenson

abstractpaper.pdf Richard Jenson21S063
 Technology-enhanced Feedback and Engagement in Teaching Calculus

Erica Johnson

abstractpaper.pdf Erica Johnson21C013
 Using Online Discussion Boards to Foster Mathematical Dialogue
 paper.pdf Erica Johnson28A020
 Looking For Math, Redux

Jerry Johnson

abstractpaper.pdf Sami Fadali, Jerry Johnson, Jeff Mortensen, Jeff McGough14C001
 Preliminary Results of an Online Mathematics Testing Program for Engineers
 paper.pdf Pamala Cemen, Jerry Johnson01A126
 The Mathematics Learning Resource Center at Oklahoma State University
abstractpaper.pdf Sami Fadali, Jerry Johnson, Jeff Mortensen, Jeff McGough13C007
 Online Testing of Mathematics for Engineers
abstractpaper.pdf Jerry Johnson15C056
 A Comprehensive Online Mathematics Assessment, Placement and Exit Testing Program
abstractpaper.pdf Jerry Johnson, Jeff Mortensen18R009
 Online Readiness Testing and Assessment
 paper.pdf Jerry Johnson01A182
 Some muMATH Activities with Large Classes of Differential Equations and Linear Algebra

Pete Johnson

abstractpaper.pdf Marsha Davis, Pete Johnson25M015
 Minitab Projects in Introductory Statistics
abstractpaper.pdf Pete Johnson19R009
 Assessing The NCATE/NCTM Standards For Preservice Secondary Mathematics Teachers Through Portfolios

Curt Jones

abstractpaper.pdf Curt Jones, Lisa A. Lister, John Polhill16S031
 Recruiting Students in Computer Science and Mathematics through High School Programming and Mathematics Contests

Lorrie Joubert

abstractpaper.pdf Lorrie Joubert, Sharon Clark17C001
 'Tired of the Same Old Test Questions?' Incorporating Graphing Technology Into Assessment
abstractpaper.pdf Katrina B. Freeman, Lorrie B. Joubert, Ellen G. Stutes19C001
 Bring Us Your Tired, Your Poor Test Questions