Papers from ICTCM-27 arranged by first author

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abstractpaper.pdf Reza O. Abbasian, John T. Sieben27A001
 Best Practices in Designing an Inverted Classroom Videos, Class Projects And Assessment, What Works and What Doesn't
abstractpaper.pdf G. Donald Allen27A002
 The Validity and Reliance of Big Data Projects
abstractpaper.pdf G. Donald Allen, Dianne Goldsby27A003
 Confusion Theory for Pedagogical Decisions
abstractpaper.pdf Alvina J. Atkinson, Lee Ann Roberts, Aris B. Winger, Angela Lively, Sarah H. Park27A004
 Access Algebra: Meeting The Needs of Under-prepared College Algebra Students Just-in-time
abstractpaper.pdf Amy Barnsley27A005
 Effects of Online Homework in Face-to-Face Developmental Mathematics Courses
 paper.pdf Lindsey Bell, Keshav Jagannathan27A006
 Introducing R in an Applied Statistics Course for Nonmajors
 paper.pdf Lindsey Bell, Keshav Jagannathan27A007
 Regression Outliers and Influential Observations Using Fathom
 paper.pdf Bill Blubaugh27A008
 A Comparison Between a Flipped-Learning Calculus Class and a Semi-Traditional Class
 paper.pdf Paul Bouthellier27A009
 How Computers Calculate - Binary Arithmetic and Boolean Logic
 paper.pdf Paul Bouthellier27A010
 Rotations and Orientations in R3
abstractpaper.pdf Bowen Brawner27A011
 Multidisciplinary Project-Based Learning In STEM: A Case Study
 paper.pdf Barbara K. D'Ambrosia27A012
 Virtual Spirograph: A Liberal Arts Math Project
 paper.pdf John C. D. Diamantopoulos27A013
 Creating Animated GIFs for Classroom Use: the Sequel
 paper.pdf Joseph Fadyn27A014
 Elliptic Curve Cryptography Using Maple
abstractpaper.pdf B. J. Fournier, B. M. Wyatt27A015
 Matter and GPUs: Should the Focus of Our Modeling Classes be Adjusted?
 paper.pdf Joel C. Fowler27A016
 Attacking Variations of the Coupon Collector Problem with Maple
abstractpaper.pdf Joseph M. Furner, Carol A. Marinas27A017
 Teaching Math Concepts Through Historical Locations Using Geogebra and Photography
 paper.pdf Ryan Gantner27A018
 Smartpen Use for IBL Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Carrie E. A. Grant27A019
 Unveiling the Mysterious Meanings of Confidence Intervals Using the Statcrunch Plotter (and Other Applet Ideas)
 paper.pdf R. Howard Henley27A020
 Virtual Vector Calculus Tutors
 paper.pdf Benjamin Minden, Matthew Mogensen, Frank Wattenberg, Drew Wilkerson27A021
 MacGyver on the Hudson - Arduinos and Robotics
 paper.pdf Matthew D. Mogensen27A023
 Mathematics and Robots
 paper.pdf Matthew D. Mogensen27A022
 Mathematics and Public Policy - Problems Considered in a First Year Mathematics Course at West Point
abstractpaper.pdf Zeina Nehme, Maya Mitkova, Loris Serafino, Arthur Seakhoa-King27A024
 Implementation of MyMathLab in a Foundation Course: An Exploratory Study
 paper.pdf Dianna J. Spence, Brad Bailey27A025
 Technologies to Facilitate Each Stage of Student-Directed Statistics Projects
 paper.pdf Ryan Thomas27A026
 A Graphing Approach to Algebra Using Desmos
abstractpaper.pdf Somasundaram Velummylum27A027
 The Use of Maple in Solving Initial Value Problems
abstractpaper.pdf Robert L. Watson27A028
 Building Interactive Mathematics Applications Using Stencyl
 paper.pdf Frank Wattenberg, Matthew Mogensen27A029
 Mathematics: the Power Behind the Drone
 paper.pdf Peter W. White27A030
 To Log or not to Log
abstractpaper.pdf Stephen Wilkerson, Frank Wattenberg27A031
 Sensors and Actuators