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abstract algebra

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abstract  Kevin L. Anderson16S110
 Teaching Abstract Algebra with GAP
abstractpaper.pdf William C. Bauldry20S069
 Using Maple in Advanced Calculus and Modern Algebra
abstractpaper.pdf Timothy D. Comar16S006
 Geometry and Matrix Groups in Linear Algebra
 paper.pdf Arnold Feldman, Marjolein de Wit01A158
 Using the Group Experience Stack in a Modern Algebra Course
 paper.pdf Charles G. Flemming, Judy D. Halchin01A170
 Rubik Algebra
abstract  Sidney Graham07P009
 An Advanced Mathematics Course Using Mathematica and TEX
abstractpaper.pdf Guy T. Hogan13C035
 Quaternions and Rotations in 3-Space, With the TI-83
abstractpaper.pdf Vicky Williams Klima20S101
 Discussion Activities in an Online Abstract Algebra Course
abstractpaper.pdf Vatsala Krishnamani, Dovie Kimmins07C007
 Using Technology as a Tool in Abstract Algebra and Calculus Courses: The MTSU Experience
abstractpaper.html Suda Kunyosying11C023
 Using Maple V in Introductory Group Theory: Exploring Permutation Groups
 paper.pdf Edmund A. Lamagna15S043
 What Your Eighth Grade Teacher Never Told You About Factoring
abstractpaper.pdf Julianne G. Rainbolt16A110
 Teaching Abstract Algebra with GAP
 paper.pdf John Selden, Annie Selden01A239
 Using Technology to Implement a Constructivist Approach to Calculus and Abstract Algebra
abstractpaper.pdf Robert Talbert20C009
 A Tale of Two Wikis: Upper-Level Mathematics Meets Web 2.0
abstractpaper.pdf Jay Villanueva25C040
 The Cyclotomic Equation and its Significance to Solving the Quintic Equation
abstractpaper.pdf Josefino Villanueva17C033
 The Insolvability of The Quintic and Its Implication to Technology