Author names beginning with the letter O

Brian R. O'Callaghan

abstractpaper.pdf Brian R. O'Callaghan10C019
 Calculators, Attitudes, and Success
abstractpaper.pdf Brian R. O'Callaghan15C019
 Fractals for the Classroom on Calculators and Computers

Joyce O'Halloran

abstractpaper.pdf Joyce O'Halloran, M. Paul Latiolais23C015
 Hybrid Mathematics Courses for Incarcerated Youth

Mike O'Leary

 paper.pdf Mike O'Leary, Shiva Azadegan15S175
 Developing Computer Simulations Using Object-Oriented Programming. The Three-Body Problem: A Case Study

Judy O'Neal

abstractpaper.pdf Judy O'Neal17S093
 Personalizing Derivatives and Antiderivatives with Geometer's Sketchpad, a CBR and A TI-84
 paper.pdf Judy O'Neal15S002
 Remodeling Classic Calculus Concepts
abstractpaper.pdf Judy O'Neal18W001
  Jr.: An Alternative to GSP
abstractpaper.pdf Judy O'Neal16M016
 Using StudyCards Creator Software in Teaching Years 1 and 2 Collegiate Mathematics

Johanna Ojalainen

abstractpaper.pdf Olga Caprotti, Johanna Ojalainen, Matti Pauna, Mika Seppälä25C025
 WEPS Peer Automatic Assessment in Online Math Courses

Cheryl Olsen

abstractpaper.pdf Cheryl Olsen14C008
 Discovering Geometry Using Geometer's Sketchpad

James R. Olsen

 paper.pdf James R. Olsen15M11A
 Mathematics Internet Resources
abstractpaper.pdf James R. Olsen, Dan Gustafson18S005
 Using Internet Applets, GSP, and Other Representations to Increase Student Understanding of the Geometric Mean
abstractpaper.pdf James R. Olsen19S052
 Windows Media Encoder To Enhance Mathematics Teaching And Learning: This May Be The Missing Link

Andrea M. Olson

 paper.pdf Harvey B. Keynes, Andrea M. Olson15S182
 The Design of Silent Tutor Homework Hints - A Technological Teaching Assistant

David H. Olwell

abstract  David H. Olwell07P019
 The Video Applications Library: Calculus at the Movies

Alan Osborne

 paper.pdf Alan Osborne01A060
 Testing, Teaching and Technology

Cyrill Oseledets

abstractpaper.pdf M. Vali Siadat, Euguenia Peterson, Cyrill Oseledets, Ming-Jer Wang, Guo Quan Zhang22S031
 Keystone Method: Integration of Methodology and Technology A Synergistic Model for Teaching and Learning

Chihiro Oshima

abstractpaper.pdf Terutake Abe, Rohitha Goonatilake, Firooz Khosraviyani, Chihiro Oshima21C018
 What We Learned from Introducing Learning Software into a Classroom
abstractpaper.pdf Chihiro Oshima22C008
 Integration of Learning Software into Introductory Level College Mathematics Courses

Iman Osta

 paper.pdf Hana Shatila, Samer Habre, Iman Osta28A018
 Effects of Technology-Aided Multiple-Representations Approach on Students' Understanding Of Derivatives

Arnold Ostebee

 paper.pdf Arnold Ostebee01A223
 Using Numerical and Graphical Techniques to Teach Infinite Series

Asli Ozgun-Koca

abstractpaper.pdf Michael Todd Edwards, Asli Ozgun-Koca, Michael Meagher20W015
 Podcasting Rich Problems with TI-Nspire CAS