Author names beginning with the letter N

Keith A. Nabb

abstractpaper.pdf Keith A. Nabb22R007
 CAS as a Restructing Tool in Mathematics Education

Shailaja U. Nagarkatte

 paper.pdf Umesh P. Nagarkatte, Shailaja U. Nagarkatte01A214
 Two and Three Dimensional BASIC Graphics Programming and Its Uses

Umesh P. Nagarkatte

 paper.pdf Umesh P. Nagarkatte, Shailaja U. Nagarkatte01A214
 Two and Three Dimensional BASIC Graphics Programming and Its Uses

Revathi Narasimhan

abstractpaper.pdf Revathi Narasimhan12C023
 Solving a Nonlinear Optimization Problem Using Excel

John C. Nardo

 paper.pdf John C. Nardo15S127
 Energizing Multivariable Calculus via Maple

David Nawrocki

abstractpaper.pdf David Nawrocki17C024
 VBA Programming Techniques in Excel for a Cross Discipline Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Course
abstractpaper.pdf David Nawrocki20S077
 Using Mathematica to Solve the Lights Out Game
 paper.pdf David Nawrocki26S075
 VBA Programming Techniques in Operations Research

Zeina Nehme

abstractpaper.pdf Zeina Nehme, Maya Mitkova, Loris Serafino, Arthur Seakhoa-King27A024
 Implementation of MyMathLab in a Foundation Course: An Exploratory Study

Thomas Nelson

abstractpaper.pdf Thomas Nelson, Michael D. Seminelli28A033
 Developing Habits of Mind in the Core Mathematics Program

Carol M. Nessmith

 paper.pdf Carol M. Nessmith, Pamela C. Watkins15S023
 Linked Courses: The Logistics and Implementation of a Linked College Algebra and Web-Based Lab

Scott Nestler

abstractpaper.pdf J. Scott Billie, Michael Huber, Scott Nestler, Gabriel Costa22S096
 Simulating Rare Baseball Events Using Monte Carlo methods in Excel and R

Diem M. Nguyen

abstractpaper.pdf Diem M. Nguyen, G. Donald Allen17S023
 Interactive Mathematics Quizmaker and the Online Mathematics Placement Exams
abstractpaper.pdf Diem M. Nguyen, Dong Chen28A025
 PhotoMath - A Mobile App For Algebra Teaching And Tutorials
abstractpaper.pdf Diem M. Nguyen16S017
 Web-based Template for Creating Online Tests

Kelli Nipper

abstractpaper.pdf Nathan Borchelt, Mary Hudachek-Buswell, Catherine Matos, Kelli Nipper21S052
 Making Course Management Systems Work for You

Sandra Nite

abstractpaper.pdf G. Donald Allen, Dianne Goldsby, Sandra Nite28A004
 Testing Unfairness - Mathematics and Simulations
abstractpaper.pdf G. Donald Allen, Sandra Nite, Michael S. Pilant, Jennifer Whitfield25S037
 Using a Math Placement Exam to Develop a Personalized Precalculus Program
 paper.pdf Melissa Burkhead, Sandra B. Nite28A026
 Transforming Teacher Technology Use: Results From Summer Institute Training
abstractpaper.pdf Sandra B. Nite, G. Donald Allen26S104
 Student Characteristics That Help Predict Success in Calculus: Results From a Summer Precalculus Program
abstractpaper.pdf Sandra B. Nite, G. Donald Allen, Sharon Sledge24S103
 Retention Through Remediation: Enhancing Calculus I Issues

Henry C. Nixt

 paper.pdf Henry C. Nixt01A218
 Technology in Differential Equations

Gregor Novak

abstractpaper.pdf Mark Guerra, Frank Hughes, Gregor Novak, Brian Patterson, Frank Wattenberg25S032
 Using Satellite Orbits and Space Travel with Game-Quality Simulations in Math and Physics Classes from High School through College

Paul Nugent

abstract  Paul Nugent, Rahim Elghanmi07P018
 Computers Across the Curriculum

Kristine Numrich

abstractpaper.pdf Kristine Numrich18S118
 Ude 3D Mathematica to Motivate Interest in Topics from Multivariable Calculus