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abstract  Frederick A. Adkins17C035
 Using DNA Sequencing to Motivate Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Richard Coultas25C008
 Using Computers to Explore Non-Repetitive Sequences
abstractpaper.pdf Winston Crawley, Doug Ensley16S029
 Teaching Mathematical Proof with Technology to First Year Students
abstractpaper.pdf Doug Ensley, Winston Crawley17S062
 Teaching Mathematical Proof with Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Joel Fowler25S046
 Further Explorations of the St. Petersburg Paradox with Maple
abstractpaper.pdf Joel C. Fowler18S015
 Generating Functions and Logic in Introductory Discrete Mathematics with Maple
abstract  Sidney Graham07P009
 An Advanced Mathematics Course Using Mathematica and TEX
abstractpaper.pdf Bruno Guerrieri16S007
 Maple-based Algorithms for the Traveling Salesman Problem (Continuation)
abstractpaper.pdf Bruno Guerrieri13C039
 Use of a Colony of Cooperating Agents and Maple to Solve the Traveling Salesman Problem
abstractpaper.pdf Weihu Hong17C052
 RSA Cryptosystem and Its Applications
 paper.pdf Jean M. Horn, Toni Robertson, Paul K. Horn15W007
 Discrete Mathematics with the TI-89
abstractpaper.pdf Richard Klima, Neil Sigmon17W007
 Some Elementary Cryptography Including RSA with The TI-92+ and Voyage 200
abstractpaper.pdf Richard Klima, Neil Sigmon18S054
 Elementary Coding Theory Including Hamming and Reed-Solomon Codes with Maple and Matlab
abstractpaper.pdf Rick Klima, Neil Sigmon24S094
 Using Graphs to Break Vigenere Ciphers
abstractpaper.pdf Robert Kreczner09C041
 Genius of Ramanujan vs. Modern Mathematical Technology
abstractpaper.html Suda Kunyosying10C031
 'Instant Insanity' meets Computer Algebra!
abstractpaper.pdf Kate McGivney, Doug Ensley16S015
 Using Maple to Develop Students' Intuition in Solving Discrete Mathematics Problems
abstractpaper.pdf David Nawrocki20S077
 Using Mathematica to Solve the Lights Out Game
 paper.pdf Anthony Ralston01A078
 The Effect of Technology on Teaching College Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Vladimir V. Riabov26S086
 Exploring Algorithms for Effective Applications of the Graph Theory
abstractpaper.pdf Jacob Sloujitel, Leonid Polyakov14C018
 Technology in Teaching Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Margaret B. Wirth20S040
 Discrete Mathematics Teaching Modules