Papers from ICTCM-9 arranged by first author

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abstractpaper.pdf Margo Alexander09C024
 College Algebra in an Open Classroom Connecting Teachers and Technology
abstractpaper.pdf Judy Beauford, Ellen Szecsy, D. Reginald Traylor09C016
 Distance Learning Technology Applied to Pre-Service Teacher Preparation
abstractpaper.pdf Roger G. Brown09C011
 Sequences, Series and Convergence with the TI 92
abstractpaper.html Beth L. Chance09C014
 Incorporating Laboratory Activities into Statistics Courses
abstractpaper.pdf John J. Edgell09C047
 Graphics Calculator Applications on 4 - D Constructs
abstractpaper.pdf David Fowler09P004
 A Web-based Interactive Mathematica System
abstractpaper.pdf Jeff Graham09C006
 Using Visual Basic to Create a Graphical User Interface for Matlab
abstract  Samer Habre09C046
 Teaching Ordinary Differential Equations with Computer Experiments (In a Third World Country)
abstractpaper.html Jeff L. Hirst09P006
 Animators in the Classroom
abstractpaper.pdf Robert Kreczner09C041
 Genius of Ramanujan vs. Modern Mathematical Technology
abstractpaper.html Richard Kuntz09C039
 Lessons Learned - Preparing On-Line Class Notes
abstractpaper.pdf Roy B. Leipnik, Troy T. Reid09C023
 Multivariable Faa di Bruno Formulas
abstractpaper.pdf Ken S. Li, Steve Leigh, Randall G. Wills09C012
 Computer Technology and Problem Solving
abstractpaper.html Thomas LoFaro, Kevin Cooper09P011
 IDEA: Internet Differential Equations Activities
abstractpaper.html Seu-Kea Lua, Wai-Har S. Wong09C005
 Scientific WorkPlace as a Tool to Evaluate Definite Integral using Trapezoidal Rule
abstract  Daniel R. Miller09P012
 Developing Connection Between Algebra and Geometry, Aided by the Power of the TI-92: A Study of Affine Geometry
abstractpaper.pdf G. Boyd Swartz09P017
 Complex Variables Using Excel and Maple
abstractpaper.pdf Mark R. Treuden09C029
 Determining an Iterated Function System Interactively
abstractpaper.pdf Richard A. Weida09C051
 Computer Laboratory Implementation Issues at a Small Liberal Arts College