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abstractpaper.html Paul Bouthellier, Saeed Dubas16C018
 Modeling Geometric Objects Using Java
abstractpaper.pdf Julie Clark, Trish Hammer16P007
 Interactive Web-based Calculus Projects at Hollins University: Student Solutions
 paper.pdf Robert Devaney15A001
 The Dynamical Systems and Technology Project
abstractpaper.pdf Thomas P. Dick22S045
 Principles for Designing Action-Consequence Tools in Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf Douglas Ensley, Barbara Kaskosz20M005
 Steal This Applet!
abstractpaper.pdf Richard Klima20C027
 A Java Simulator for Voting Methods
abstractpaper.html Thomas LoFaro, Kevin Cooper09P011
 IDEA: Internet Differential Equations Activities
abstractpaper.pdf Mike May21L004
 MyMathLab Applets for Visualization and Exploration in Multivariable Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf Michael Mays16S061
 Java Applets for Trigonometry
abstractpaper.pdf James R. Olsen, Dan Gustafson18S005
 Using Internet Applets, GSP, and Other Representations to Increase Student Understanding of the Geometric Mean
abstractpaper.pdf Laura J. Pyzdrowski, Anthony S. Pyzdrowski17S094
 A Java Applet to Explore Multiple Representations of Function in a Teacher Education Course
abstractpaper.pdf Vladimir V. Riabov, Bryan J. Higgs23S062
 Algorithms and Software Tools for Teaching Mathematical Fundamentals of Computer Security
abstractpaper.pdf James S. Rolf18C035
 Using CalcTool to Teach Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf Paul Seeburger22R003
 Verifying Surface Intersection Curves Visually
abstractpaper.pdf Paul Seeburger20S100
 Dynamic Calculus Tools for Visualizing Calculus
abstractpaper.html Nora Strasser15P014
 Using a Companion Web Site to Enhance Learning in a Numerical Methods Course
abstractpaper.pdf Nora Strasser16S039
 Numerical Methods using Mathematica Notebooks and Web Applets
 paper.pdf Allan Struthers15S066
 Quantitative Math Modeling and Experiments
abstractpaper.pdf Hui Fang Huang 'Angie' Su, Carol A. Marinas, Chakib Chraibi20S044
 Exploring Numerical Relationships Through Interactive Numbered Squares of Differing Sizes
abstractpaper.pdf Hui Fang Huang 'Angie' Su, Carol A. Marinas, Joseph M. Furner22S016
 Discover Number Theory in Grades K-12 Using the Square Tool, An Interactive Java Tool
abstractpaper.pdf Hui Fang Huang 'Angie' Su, Carol A. Marinas, Joseph M. Furner21S114
 Using an Interactive Java Tool to Explore Numeric Relationships for All Grade Levels
abstractpaper.pdf Jennifer Whitfield, Kathryn Bollinger16S073
 Applied Calculus on the Web - an Interactive Approach to Freshman Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf Pablo Zafra, Henry Cleary20C040
 A Tutorial Applet for Simplex Method