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abstract  Darrell H. Abney, Chris Christensen, Larry Gilligan07P004
 Report on the NSF Institute Calculus Using Computer Algebra Systems
abstractpaper.pdf John D. Baildon12P001
 Collaborative Projects in Calculus I
abstract  Gary G. Cochell, Atul N. Roy, Sanjay K. Rai07P005
 Technology in Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Timothy D. Comar16S006
 Geometry and Matrix Groups in Linear Algebra
abstractpaper.pdf Timothy D. Comar18R011
 Undergraduate Student Research in Knot Theory Using Multiple Computational Platforms
 paper.pdf Timothy D. Comar15S010
 Visualization of Mobius Transformations in Two and Three Dimensions Using a CAS
abstractpaper.pdf Timothy D. Comar, Lisa Townsley18S034
 A Common Calculus Laboratory Course for Traditional Calculus and Biocalculus Students
abstractpaper.pdf Barbara K. D'Ambrosia, Carl R. Spitznagel17S021
 Using Derive 6 in Liberal Arts/Business Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf David Fung, Steve Ligh07C026
 Trigonometric Representation of [x]
abstractpaper.pdf Joel P. Lehmann18C006
 Calculus Computer Laboratory: Experience Guiding Current Practice
abstract  Susan Lenker, Dorothy Anway, Susan McLoughlin07P014
 Sensitivity Analysis and Linear Programming Using MAPLE, DERIVE, and the TI-82
abstractpaper.pdf Robert A. Leslie08C030
 Exploring the Gini Index of Inequality with Derive
abstractpaper.pdf Kathleen Shannon07C031
 Using Spreadsheets and DERIVE to Teach Differential Equations
 paper.pdf Lisa Townsley17S028
 Derive 6: CAS as a Tool for Teaching and Learning Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Thomas G. Wangler17S083
 Interesting Computer Explorations In Multivariate Calculus
 paper.pdf Thomas G. Wangler15S092
 Using DERIVE to Help Survive in Multivariable Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf Thomas G. Wangler16S131
 Slides, Tubes, Wedges, and Ramps on Derive