Papers from ICTCM-11 arranged by first author

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abstractpaper.pdf Margo Alexander11C001
 Interactive Computer Software in College Algebra
abstractpaper.pdf Bryan Dorner11C026
 The Magic Calculator and The Sine Addition Formula
abstractpaper.pdf Neil Eklund11C027
 CORDIC: Elementary Function Computation Using Recursive Sequences
abstractpaper.pdf Gina M. Foletta11C044
 Product of Shears
abstractpaper.pdf Ronald J. Harshbarger, Jane Upshaw11C046
 The Use of Mathematical Modeling In an Interdisciplinary Setting
abstractpaper.html Jeff L. Hirst11C038
 A graphical tool for analysis courses
abstractpaper.html David A. James, Tim McKenna, Ronald Morash, Joan Remski11C039
 Using Technology to Facilitate Student Access to Mathematics Programs
abstractpaper.html Suda Kunyosying11C023
 Using Maple V in Introductory Group Theory: Exploring Permutation Groups
abstractpaper.pdf Carl R. Spitznagel11C008
 Interactive Mathematics on the Web -The Easy Way
abstractpaper.pdf Debbye Stapleton, Cynthia Sikes11C049
 Calculator Activities in College Algebra
abstractpaper.pdf De Ting Wu11C036
 Newton Method and HP-48G