Papers from ICTCM-14 arranged by first author

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abstractpaper.html Brenda B. Cates14C023
 CBL Activities and Students' Conceptual Knowledge of Functions
abstractpaper.pdf Sami Fadali, Jerry Johnson, Jeff Mortensen, Jeff McGough14C001
 Preliminary Results of an Online Mathematics Testing Program for Engineers
abstractpaper.pdf Cathy M. Frey14C031
 Using JavaScript(c) and Mathematica(c) to Create Animated Web Pages
abstractpaper.pdf Jane Friedman, Perla Myers, Jeff Wright14C012
 Teaching and Encouraging Meaningful Reading of Mathematics Texts
abstractpaper.pdf Nina R. Girard14C014
 Promoting Multiple Representations in Calculus: Examining Student Use of the Graphing Calculator
abstractpaper.pdf David R. Hill, Lila F. Roberts14P003
 Demos with Positive Impact: A Project to Connect Mathematics Instructors with Effective Teaching Tools
abstractpaper.pdf David R. Hill, Lila F. Roberts14C027
 Demos with Positive Impact: A Tool in the Student Centered Classroom
abstractpaper.pdf Michael McConnell14C022
 Using the TI 89/92 in Number Theory
abstractpaper.pdf Kate McGivney14C011
 Using Minitab to Improve Students' Understanding of the Central Limit Theorem
abstractpaper.pdf Cheryl Olsen14C008
 Discovering Geometry Using Geometer's Sketchpad
abstractpaper.pdf Jacob Sloujitel, Leonid Polyakov14C018
 Technology in Teaching Mathematics
abstractpaper.html David A. Thomas14P002
 The Geometry in Space Project
abstractpaper.html David A. Thomas14C007
 Motivating and facilitating student achievement in a technology-rich, WWW-based Geometry for Teachers course