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abstractpaper.pdf Alvina J. Atkinson, Barry D. Biddlecomb22C011
 Using an Online Learning System to Enhance Developmental Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Alvina J. Atkinson, Barry D. Biddlecomb, Denise Natasha Brewley23C002
 Where Are We Now?: A Report on the Effectiveness of Using an Online Learning System to Enhance a Developmental Mathematics Course
abstractpaper.pdf Amy Barnsley27A005
 Effects of Online Homework in Face-to-Face Developmental Mathematics Courses
abstractpaper.pdf Linda Braddy, Mike Duggan, Anne Fine, Elizabeth Keiffer, Rebecca Lyle17S048
 How To Turn Math Duds Into Math Studs
abstractpaper.pdf Emmett C. Dennis16S056
 Enhancement Effect of MyMathLab and WebCT in a Math Class
abstractpaper.pdf Jessica Deshler, Edgar Fuller, Betsy Kuhn, Doug Squire26S106
 Third Generation Redesign of a Developmental Mathematics Course: Finding What Works
abstractpaper.pdf Christina Gawlik25S082
 Engaging Students with Their iPad and iPhone Applications
abstractpaper.pdf Michael Kaye, Yun Liu, Thao-Nhi Luu, Petal Sumner25S059
 Proof-of-Concept of an Augmented Reality Application in Developmental Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Christine Heinecke Lehmann20C028
 Taking the Plunge, One Foot at a Time
abstractpaper.pdf M. Vali Siadat, Euguenia Peterson, Cyrill Oseledets, Ming-Jer Wang, Guo Quan Zhang22S031
 Keystone Method: Integration of Methodology and Technology A Synergistic Model for Teaching and Learning