Laboratory Manual for Calculus

Computer Activities

with Mathcad and Maple V

P. Bogacki, G. Melrose, P. R. Wohl

Preliminary Edition, August 1995

This page provides access to the preliminary edition of the Laboratory Manual for Calculus, developed under the Old Dominion University calculus project.

About the Manual

We intended the manual to be useful to the students in several ways:
as a lab assignment guide:
Activity sections are included in almost all the chapters. Nearly all the activities involve Mathcad (version 5.0 for Windows). Several activities also require Maple V (release 3 for Windows).
as a self-study guide:
Homework Help sections are designed to allow the student to use technology while solving homework problems from the text (Calculus with Analytic Geometry, Larson, Hostetler and Edwards; D.C. Heath, 5th Edition). Some chapters also include a Questions section, intended to help the student assess the insight he or she gained into the visual and numerical aspects of the calculus concepts discussed.
as a reference:
While this guide is not intended to be a software manual, it provides useful information to aid the student in the use of the software during the calculus course(s), as well as afterwards. Software-related information, most of which is given in the course of the activities, is fully indexed for convenience. Appendix A contains a summary of Mathcad operations and functions. Appendix B includes a list of common problems encountered by students while working with Mathcad.

Copyright issues

The entire manual (150 pages), as well as the Mathcad and Maple files, are available on-line subject to the following conditions:

Downloading the Entire Manual

Because of the large amount of graphics and various fonts, we have used the Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) to allow users of different types of computers to view and print the document without distortion. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader software (version 2.1 or higher recommended), which is available without charge at the Adobe Web site. If you have a fast connection, then you may want to download the zipped archives containing all the files: If you do not have a fast connection, we recommend that you access the PDF files using the Table of Contents below (each of these files contains either one or two chapters of the manual). Links to individual Mathcad and Maple files have also been placed there.

Table of Contents

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Contacting the authors

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