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 paper.pdf Hollis Adams01A096
 Live Interactive Teleclasses: Tuning in on Remote Learners
abstractpaper.pdf Judy Beauford, Ellen Szecsy, D. Reginald Traylor09C016
 Distance Learning Technology Applied to Pre-Service Teacher Preparation
abstractpaper.html Siamack Bondari, Jacci White18C016
 A Comparison of Student Outcomes in Traditional and Online Math Courses
abstractpaper.pdf Hamide Dogan-Dunlap17S096
 Pedagogy of Online Mathematics Learning: Case of WebCT in a Matrix and a Research Mathematics Course
abstractpaper.pdf Amy Fisher18S033
 Sneak Away to the ICTCM and Don't Cancel Class
abstractpaper.html Russell J. Hendel15C001
 Converting Lecture Preps to Polished Web Slides
abstractpaper.pdf Ravinder Kumar23S111
 Developing an Online Course for Distance Learning - An Exciting Experience
abstractpaper.pdf Sarah L. Mabrouk21S087
 Considerations for Teaching Courses Online
abstractpaper.pdf Sarah L. Mabrouk21M002
 An Introduction to Creating Captivate-ing Tools for Teaching Online Courses
abstractpaper.txt Elinor M. Madigan, Robert H. Forsman07C001
 A Pilot Study of a Modified Distance Learning Technique for Use in an Introductory Managerial Statistics Course
 paper.pdf Nancy J. Priselac, Stephen M. Priselac15S100
 Precalculus: Discover the Power of Web-Enhancement Within an Interactive Video Course
abstractpaper.pdf Nancy J. Priselac, Stephen M. Priselac18S107
 Delivering College Algebra Content Using Web-Enhanced, On-line and ITV Modalities
abstractpaper.html Nora Strasser15C003
 Developing Streaming Audio Lectures for Online Courses
abstractpaper.pdf Paul K. Swets10C046
 Let's Talk: Using Conferencing Software in Mathematics Courses
abstractpaper.pdf Thomas M. Zachariah15C061
 A Report on an Online Course for Non-science Majors