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 paper.pdf Margo Alexander19LS04
 A Road To ReDesign With Peer Tutoring
abstractpaper.pdf Ron Barnes, Linda Becerra, Nancy Leveille25C041
 Infusing Technology into a Variety of Math Courses
abstractpaper.pdf Emmett C. Dennis16S056
 Enhancement Effect of MyMathLab and WebCT in a Math Class
 paper.pdf Sonia Ford19LS08
 Hybrid Intermediate Algebra And Hybrid College Algebra: A Successful Pilot
abstractpaper.pdf Edgar Fuller, Jessica Deshler, Betsy Kuhn, Doug Squire24L011
 Developmental Student Success in Courses from College Algebra to Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf Mike May21L004
 MyMathLab Applets for Visualization and Exploration in Multivariable Calculus
abstractpaper.pdf Beverly K. Michael16S028
 Using On-Line Tutoring Systems: Successes, Failures and Lessons Learned
abstractpaper.pdf Zeina Nehme, Maya Mitkova, Loris Serafino, Arthur Seakhoa-King27A024
 Implementation of MyMathLab in a Foundation Course: An Exploratory Study
abstractpaper.pdf Marilyn Reba, Sherry Biggers20S057
 Active Learning in Mathematics via Tablet PCs, Web-Based Software, Podcasts, and Interactive Homework Systems
 paper.pdf Dianna J. Spence19LS12
 Traditional And Online Student Reactions To The Video Tutor Component Of MyMathLab
abstractpaper.pdf Francesco Strazzullo24C07A
 Experimenting Learning Systems in Course Redesign