Brief Instructions for the Tutorial

Note: You can access this file at any point by clicking on the "Tutorial Help" button on the top bar.

The purpose of this Tutorial is to help you learn to

when deciding convergence or divergence of a given infinite series.

Please note that while the definitions of the series types and convergence tests used here should be close to those introduced in most textbooks, there could be some discrepancies. Please click on the "Theory Review" button on the top bar to find out the naming and defining conventions used in this Tutorial, and compare those to your calculus text.

Sequential mode and random access mode

The tutorial can be used in two modes:

To begin working on problems in the sequential mode, (i.e., Problem 1, Problem 2, etc.), please click on the "View Problem" button on the top bar. After you finish a problem, you will advance to the subsequent one using the "Next Problem" button.

Alternatively, you can select "Problem List & Report" to see the list of all the problems, from which you will be able to select problems you want to tackle. This is what we refer to as the random access mode.

Progress Tracking

Regardless of whether you use the Tutorial in the sequential or random access mode, the tutorial keeps track of the progress you make in each problem. At any point, you can click on the "Problem List & Report" button to see your "progress report" up to that point. The report column displays one of these six messages describing the status of each problem: If you want to "wipe out" your record and start the tutorial from scratch, you can click on the "Restart Tutorial" button at the top of the Problem List page.

We anticipate periodically adding more problems to the tutorial. Please make sure to visit us again!

Technical Info & Acknowledgement

Contacting the Author

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Please contact me if you have any comments about it:

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