Calculus Interactive Tutorials and Tests

by Przemyslaw Bogacki

Under this project, a suite of on-line tutorials and tests is being developed for use in conjunction with a calculus sequence.

Currently, beta versions of the following modules are available:

Infinite Series TutorialIntegration Test

Any progress made while working on these and other modules will be reported on these pages.

The current modules are based on html/JavaScript technology, with some perl code used for reporting purposes. Most of the mathematics has been converted from TEX by TTH, version 1.0. The modules have been tested on Netscape Navigator 3.0 and 4.0. Right now, the modules are entirely client-based, so they can be copied to a local (or network) drive for improved performance, requiring no internet connection at the run-time. Future modules will include cgi connectivity (e.g., for taking tests on-line).

Contacting the Author

If you have any comments about these modules, please do not hesitate to contact me:

Permission is hereby granted for any noncommercial use of this product by individuals, e.g. students, faculty, etc.

Permission for the class use of this product in an academic environment is automatically granted, provided the instructor notifies the author.

Any other use (including any commercial use) requires an explicit permission from the author